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  1. Great list. Ditto for leaks in the rubber boot between the carb and the air box.
  2. Just to close out this thread: RM/Pirelli have agreed to a full refund or a replacement MT43 rear tire. Since I enjoyed the tires, I chose the latter. I intend to run the MT43's with Tubliss (not mousses) to better control heat and traction on an off road.
  3. I would use a Shinko Fatty fr and 505 Cheater rear. Another possibility would be an MT43 set.
  4. Neat. I'll have to try that "install intake manifold last" technique the next time I'm fine-tuning (lol) my FCR. For me, the #1 gotcha on carb reinstallation is making sure that the airbox connection is airtight. This approach may help.
  5. I have a 2019 DRZ400 and FCR41. IME, if you cap off the PAIR valve then the bike should run fine in its initial config (direct connection to DRZ400E vacuum port). Some deal if you remove the PAIR stuff and use a block-off plate. (Maybe you tried this – it wasn't clear to me.) Also, yes, the PRI position on the stock petcock feeds from the reserve tube. So no add'l reserve.
  6. This Napa silicone compound is very similar to quality mousse lube. Don't ask me how I know. Less than 1/3 the price.
  7. Multiseal is the best tire sealant product in most cases but Slime is quite credible (and cheaper). See the video below for proof.
  8. Check your battery and electricals (not just the plug).
  9. https://www.foxracing.com/raptor-vest/12351.html
  10. Same here. I went down two days ago in a banked turn wearing my Leatt 5.5. The damn elbow guard twisted 90deg and I ended up with some nice blue-groove rash. Oh, and my handlebar dug under the edge of the chest protector and bruised my ribs. True story! That said, I still think that the Leatt 5.x is one of the better jackets. None are perfect. I did try on the Airframe product a few weeks ago. It was, as the name implies, a great deal lighter and "airier" than my Leatt. I'm not sure which would offer better protection. I do like the look of that Forcefield vest...
  11. Not to beat this topic to death, but I just ran across this KTMtalk thread. The rider there had a very similar experience, right down to the pics.
  12. This^ Except for me it's "medium-speed"...b/c I'm slow. 🙄
  13. @Trail_Ryder - Thanks for pointing out the VRM308 as a good (maybe better) option for the MT43. Despite my defective tire incident, I like this class of tire for DS use so I may try the VRM out at some point. However, as @trailmeisterjoe points out, the MT43 design is virtually identical to the VRM308 and they are both DOT. So I suspect that their performance is also similar. Just to be clear: my tire was defective. It did not wear out. Nor did it rub on the swingarm.
  14. There are a ton of posts on this topic, ranging from tires to TuBliss to mousses. And with good reason: they are consumable and frequently purchased tires are often the best performance enhancement available opinions abound combinations of tires/inflation methods/terrain/ use case abound and more I think that adding this subforum would: clean up other subforums increase searchability and SEO bring more reader satisfaction create a valuable reference section, all in one place TT already does this sort of thing with Jetting and Suspension. Admittedly, these have met with less than total success. But that's because these topics are arguable more bike-dependent. Tires are universal. They deserve a subforum. I'll volunteer to help moderate if that's an issue.
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