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  1. TT66

    kenda tires?

    http://www.denniskirk.com Where i got my k270's and love them, alot guys don't like em:excuseme:
  2. TT66

    Fuel Octane

    It's a waste of money to use any thing other than 87 in my imo.
  3. TT66

    What is wrong with my new DR650?

    Try 2-2.5 turns out on the fuel screw.
  4. TT66

    Acerbis yz blue?

    Check my garage, very close
  5. TT66

    dual sport dot tires

    +1 For the k270, bout as good as it gets on and off road.
  6. TT66

    Gimme Ops on handlebars

    Moose cr hi bars carbon steel 7/8 under $20 bucks,+ you get to loose the end weights. Yes you will need new grips, gel works well forgot who made them.
  7. TT66

    Goodbye Old Faithful

    I pick up a honda vtx 1300 about 3 mouths ago and love it. I was trying to do it all on the dr, witch is a great bike but not for 2-up long rides @ high speed.I do love the dr but dirt bike will have to replace it:cry: Safe riding all
  8. TT66

    Hi guys... my first post... have a question

    You can use a sheet metal screw to remove the plug. I used a drill bit,go slow and it should lock onto the bit and spin.
  9. TT66

    What kind of tires do you run?

    Kenda k270 front and rear 50/50 tire very happy:ride:
  10. TT66

    Race is over

    The klr was out for me as well,the xr-l also not oil cooled,no dealer had one and $1500 more than the dr. I'am planing a suspension up grade, thinking only $230? Form kientech:excuseme:
  11. TT66

    factory dr650 skid plate??

    + 1 for the moose plate, drain hole and side protection.
  12. TT66

    DR650 - what was your OTD price?

    Sound like a good deal, no yellow around when i was buying:mad: But we all know blue is faster:applause:
  13. The dr650 is oil cooled with a lager tank, xr650 is more a plated dirt bike.
  14. TT66

    Just a pic-650 is a blast

  15. TT66

    Just a pic-650 is a blast

    Great pic, north florida?