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  1. Enduroboy223

    dirtbikes safer than ATVs?

    i have a quad bike for farm use only and also dirtbike, from iwnung both . I would a quad bike a far far more dangerous even though i have been hurt more on a dirtbike. I know people who have known people who dies riding a quad bike
  2. Enduroboy223

    Abnormal carb issues

    have you jetted the bike properly? adjusted idle screw? jetting is key to get the bike running right
  3. Enduroboy223

    what year model Yamaha yz250 for hardcore enduro

    i consider hard enduro redbull romaniacs. There is this guy who rides in the gold class (gold class is for all pros etc. Jonny walker graham Jarvis) He ride a yamaha yz250, search him name is blake gutziet
  4. Doesn't the rr stand for racing? looking at beta 250rr, would that be a race edition?
  5. what year model bike you rokkin? Looking at getting either a 15 or 16 beta 250rr? by the way some bloody awesome riding
  6. Enduroboy223

    what year model Yamaha yz250 for hardcore enduro

    Thanks so much for all your advice! I found a few yz250x online as well as a husuberg te250 and beta 250rr, i think they would be better option for offroad
  7. Enduroboy223

    what year model Yamaha yz250 for hardcore enduro

    what would you recommend for enduro once the yz 250 is converted for offroad, yz or ktm 200 exc??
  8. Enduroboy223

    what year model Yamaha yz250 for hardcore enduro

    I am trying to decide between the ktm 200 exc and the yz250, obviously, I would convert the yz to an enduro bike. Once the yz250 has been converted would it potentially be better than the ktm 200 exc for enduro?
  9. Enduroboy223

    what year model Yamaha yz250 for hardcore enduro

    They are just to expensive and i have always wanted to convert a yz250 do u have any ideas what to get for specefically offroad hard enduro?
  10. anyone have any recommendation for what year model yz250 do get for extreme enduro?? does any year model have particularly better suspension for offroad? lots of people say pre 06 what do you think? (this is a 2stroke bike Thanks
  11. what you recommend for enduro riding the ktm is a little older bike like 2010 and yamaha yz250x is 2016, would one bike be any better for hardcore enduro? by the way the ktm is six day model
  12. ok, I would think the ktm is a little more reliable as the yz 250x has the same engine as the race bike. The ktm exc has an offroad engine with very little compression
  13. ktm exc is built for extreme enduro riding like red bull romaniacs and Redbull hair scramble whilst the yz 250x is built for racing closed course offroad, yz 250x is more of an mx bike. Do you guys have any idea what would be lower maintenance? (there suspension is built for different kinds of riding) ktm exc has softer more plush suspension built for gnarly enduro, yz250x has firmer suspension built for bigger hits and more wide open riding.
  14. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/south-nowra/motorcycles/ktm-250-exc-2015/1194667881 and https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/whyalla-playford/motorcycles/yamaha-yz250x-2016/1194195005 looking at this two bike, what one would require less maintenance and overall less money to maintain?
  15. Enduroboy223

    yz250x review (off-road dirt bike)

    for the hill climbs on the CRF 230f there is minimal power to get you up them as the run-ups are very small, it cant gain speed quick enough. You cant tractor up parts of it as it loose rock and near vertical parts. I would say 80% of the time I am above 1/2 on the throttle as the power does not really come in low rev's. It has the clearance to get over the rocks but again It does not have enough power to get up them, it also stalls on hill climbs as it does not like being in a vertical position. Also with a larger cc bike, I would most likely be below 1/2 throttle as it has more power (I am not looking for a motocross 250f or 250 2stroke as they are just too snappy for offroad, also there have a lot of power to handle, trying you out quicker) Yeah there a bike shops but I think I would rather do it my self (The crf230f fell in a river and was completely submerged for over 20 minutes, we could not even see the bike. Anyway, I got the bike running like normal again and learnt heaps on what to do with dirtbike maintenance wise.) 4strokes race bikes are too expensive for me to maintain.