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    Tough blinkers

    I'll take a look. Thanks!
  2. gladhandbart

    Tough blinkers

    Nice! Where did you get those lights at? I really like the front indicators.
  3. gladhandbart

    Recommended dual sport bike?

    I don’t want to muddy the water any more than it already is for you, but I’m gonna vote for a DR350. I did a ton of research on XR400s, DRZs, and DRs before I pulled the trigger. I was close to getting an XR, but the engines don’t like sustained highway speeds past 55-60. I just got s 99 SE that was in good shape for a really good price. It needed some TLC with the carb and the intake, but after I threw a dynojet in it, removed the snorkel, and resealed the carb, it runs great! The DRs had 6 speeds trannies, most of the had cush drive rear hubs, air cooling, cartridge forks (the 98-99 years are the only SEs with this, but DRZ S models didn’t get them until 2006), and are under 300 pounds. My brother and I went out on some trails and rutted up old roads and had a blast. His 2000 DRZ S has more power by a bit, but not as much torque. I rode his for a bit and had to keep it in 2nd gear most of the time because 3rd lugged the engine too much. I was able to stay in 3rd in all but the really slow sections. The rear end also felt a lot less planted and lighter than the 350. I don’t have as much experience with off road bikes, so you may like this, but I preferred how my DR felt more planted crossing ruts and I even terrain. I’m 6’1”, so I do prefer how the DRZ sits taller, but you may like the lower seating position. I need to verify, but I’m fairly certain my bike has stock sprocket size and can do 70 easily turning 5500 rpm or so. I’d probably swap a sprocket to make it turn a little less rpms if you I rode highways more. Oh and DRs have tachs! I wish more bikes did. Anyways, I hope that helps!
  4. gladhandbart

    How to make a DR350 better for a taller rider?

    Thanks for the reply! I was thinking about running 2" handlebar risers in addition to some CR high bars. I'm not sure where to get longer cables though. I'll have to look into that.
  5. gladhandbart

    How to make a DR350 better for a taller rider?

    Hey, everyone, I just took my 99 DR350SE put for my first dual sport ride and loved every minute of it! However, despite only going out for 50 miles, I quickly found out that the stock seat (even if mine may be a gel seat as its written on the bottom) is lacking for comfort. I'm 6'1", so a new seat and handle bars with risers are on my radar. Is the regular seat concepts seat my best bet? Are there handlebars that are better suited for taller riding ergonomics? I don’t really want to get lower foot pegs because decreasing ground clearance is not the way to go for off-road riding... Thanks!
  6. gladhandbart

    What Dual Sport Bike for my wife?

    Are you landing on going on any trips at all or just riding around where you live? A Honda cub sounds perfect - no clutch, easy to ride and maintain, and inexpensive.