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  1. Dirt Rider 12345


    I do RC as well, but the biggest issue for electric in RC is the same for me in dirtbikes. I can't have fun running a 30-40min main in ebuggy, and I can't spend all day out on the trail on a e-dirtbike at least not until we see the next generation of batteries.
  2. Dirt Rider 12345


    Cheaper than honda generators
  3. Dirt Rider 12345

    How are you guys polishing exhaust pipes?

    Some say he is still polishing his pipe to this very day
  4. Dirt Rider 12345

    ThumperTalk Classifieds Suck?

    I sold some exhaust and stuff to a guy in Canada and he got hit with a huge import tax bill. Shipping stuff as an individual you get screwed bad enough, then paying the paypal tax, it barely worked out well for either of us in the end.
  5. Dirt Rider 12345

    what tire should i get?

    Fav combo right now: Front: dunlop mx33 80/100 tubliss around 10psi Rear: shinko 525 cheater 110/100 tubliss around 3-5 psi I was running the fatty front 90/100 shinko 216 but felt it didn't dig well enough in softer stuff or clean out well in mud, but runnig it at 7psi was great for rocks and roots. The 525 cheater is awesome and hooks up well in everything and lasts a lot longer than a gummy tire should.
  6. Dirt Rider 12345

    Lets talk underwear

    I don't ride dirt or street anymore without my Fox defender shorts on. Nice big maxi-pad to keep your taint and boys protected and comfy, thin but effective hip and tailbone protection good compression but stretches plenty
  7. Dirt Rider 12345

    Brake problems since August

    That and it pushes the pistons back in a little so you have to recover the slack in the lever every time you go to brake. It really doesn't take much to make this happen. Had it happen on a street bike once just by the wheel falling over when off the bike
  8. Dirt Rider 12345

    E start only cranks the bike some times?

    I think it is a little longer and sticks out more when unfolded. I guess KTM decided to "save weight" (ahem save money) since the kickstarter is only a backup to the estarter on 17+ models
  9. Dirt Rider 12345

    How are you guys polishing exhaust pipes?

    The maxius xc1 or whatever they call it plastic polish stuff works great. Just spray it on and let it sit vs buffing it and it helps keep mud from sticking and what mud does stick washes right off. I put it everywhere I don't try to grip with my legs
  10. Dirt Rider 12345

    E start only cranks the bike some times?

    by the way if you have a 17+ xcw 300 or 250 (and I think the xc's are the same way) you can replace that little stubby poor excuse for a kickstart lever for the full size one off the 250 sx. Fits fine with both stock and fmf gnarly pipe and with the extended xc-w tank
  11. Dirt Rider 12345

    Mousse or Tubliss?

    I've heard those big thorns can puncture right through the inner liner as well. By the time you went though all the trouble and cost of buying the mousse I would just run it and invest in a good tire changer with a long breaker arm and lots of tire lube
  12. Dirt Rider 12345

    Mousse or Tubliss?

    If I were to take a spare inner tube and the tools to change it, I would just bring a spare normal 21'' tube and if an inner failed just replace the whole system with a standard tube. Plus if a buddy had a flat you got one more "universal" option to fix it. If we're talking about a multi-day adventure away from the truck I could see bringing spare inners and not having to deal with degraded performance if you get a flat. And granted bringing two tubliss inners would take up about as much space as one normal tube
  13. Dirt Rider 12345

    Mousse or Tubliss?

    Anyone try both Slime and Stans? how do they compare? I've been using stans and haven't had any issues or flats. Not sure if im just lucky or if the stans is actually sealing small punctures and I don't know about them. I ride in the woods in the south east so lots of rocks and roots and tiny stumps but no cactus needles Only had one mounting issue the last time I did a tire, kind of rushed it and didnt' hold air the first time, just had to deflate and go back and add more stans between the liner and bead then it was good to go. How much do yall put in after mounting? I normally add about 30ml using the syringe thing, but have no idea how much I should use.
  14. Dirt Rider 12345

    Mousse or Tubliss?

    Holy crap I replace my inner tubes and re-tape the rim and everything about every year.
  15. Dirt Rider 12345

    Mousse or Tubliss?

    Meh i wouldn't use it for stuff under 10psi