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  1. Yea just seems like the thing to do to me. I have a carb bike, but check the coolant, tranny oil level, spokes, etc. before each ride day. Seams easier than trying to remember how many tanks you ran since you last filled it
  2. Thanks good to hear from someone making the same switch. I had a WR250R with Dunlop 606's on it mainly used for dirt which is why I sold it for the xcw. had fun around town with it but not enough power to be my only street bike. I'm pretty much set on going that route, but going to wait a bit and see what the 2020's look like at this point as the dealers around aren't really budging on price on the 2019 yet.
  3. Should be fine. If really worried about it I would put some dielectric grease on it then wrap in electrical tape or heat tube
  4. i think you could just unscrew the bottom part that holds the tail light. When I bought a new black fender for my xcw I had to transfer that part over
  5. People get all pissy if you use equipment best suited to the type of riding you do. You should just be fighting a Japanese MX bike in tight woods instead.
  6. Shinko 525 cheater 3-5psi with tubliss is the ticket for me in those conditions. Handles mud just fine as well.
  7. This is something I think about often. I'm 230lbs. I get the spring that is correct for my weight on my bikes. That said, at a certain point, with no preload, a super stiff spring will produce no sag at all (think of springs used in a tank put on a dirtbike). When you go airborne, the shock, no matter what spring rate, will fully extend. So while I see your point and am sure it's valid to an extent, I can also see why rider sag is more important for a heavier rider. Secondly, a full suspension Mountain bike has zero static sag, but the argument can still be applied there as well. I've started to make sure my rider sag is in spec, and generally static is ballpark, but usually less than what the book recommends. Thoughts? That is what the Race Tech guy told me when contacted them about not having enough static sag based on the spring they recommend. Basically that since the spring was 30% stiffer than stock that the recommend static sag would be less by about that amount. I ended up settling at a compromise of a little too much rider sag but not enough static sag but the rear still feels a little stiff on sharp bumps, backed off compression a bit and is better but still don't know if its "right" Doesn't' seem to bottom at least. I think its more an issue with the PDS setup not being great for heavier guys on the 17+ it depends on the progressive rate of the spring for the initial plushness vs. the piston as in the previous versions.
  8. The xcw is not the race model though. That would be the XC. That's not what all the branding and the sliver sticker on the rear fender of my bike said. And tell me about the skid plates that come on the XC's
  9. Are their rules as to how many factory riders one manufacture can field in the major races? If so, i could see that being an advantage as well. Otherwise just roll out 3 KTM trucks to the races.
  10. There was another really long threat recently on this, but I'm too lazy to look it up. The kenai chest holster looks like the best option to me for rugged use. Then my 2 cents if anyone cares... If you are going into a bear / mt lion's territory knowingly I think you have the responsibly to avoid having to destroy the animal. Consider bear spray and use your best judgement to avoid encounters. That said you have every right to defend your own life and should be prepared to do so. I'm not against responsible hunting either within regulations to protect the population.
  11. I wish the gear box on the xcw lowered 1-5 by the same ration they did 1&2 vs leaving the gap between 2 & 3. And to be "race ready" it should have at least come with a plastic skid plate and for what they cost better forks.
  12. I guess people are brand loyal but I just don't get the point of re-skinning the same bike 3 different ways. Seems it would be worth the cost savings to combine the marketing as well as the mechanical platforms. To me they are really just buying out the competition and maintaining the brands so they aren't getting the reputation of buying out and shutting down their competitors.
  13. It makes sense as the 300's piston is heavier and its going to take longer for it to change direction to move up and down, but allows more surface area for the combustion stroke to push, so slower to rev but can make more power at lower revs.
  14. Not sure if it is what your a looking for but when I ride my street bike to work I wear some Alpinestar boots that look like casual/dress boots but have good ankle protection and then normally either riding jeans that have built in knee pads or will throw some over pants over my work pants and store them in a saddle bag or take them off at the office. Then again might not be good enough for dirt protection.
  15. I have some buddies that say you are getting ripped off buying new yada yada, then anytime you ask them to look at an ad for a used bike they go on and on about how much it is going to cost to fix. I trust that they are right in what it needs, but I've yet to find a used bike that would get their approval 🤷‍♂️
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