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    08 DR650 Oil leak

    I know I'm adding to an old post, but since DR650 CCT gasket repairs seem to be all over the map here's the simple way I did mine when it failed on my 09 at 23k miles after reading all of the posts about how hard it was to clean off the old gasket: Remove the headpipe (which is maybe a good time to wire brush it clean and check the header weld for cracks). Remove the small 10mm end-plug bolt from the CCT. (Be ready with a magnet in case you drop it into the depths) Remove the CCT using a little patience and a standard 5mm allen wrench. With the cap bolts out a small tap with a screwdriver handle may be required but the tensioner spring will help to eject the CCT when the gasket releases. (Clean the outside surfaces of the CCT.) Wet a paper towel with carburetor gum cutter and ensure that there is no oil residue anywhere on the original gasket. Plug the head to avoid oil contamination and using the extension tube on the cutter apply a very small shot directly into any crack(s) in the gasket to ensure it is clean. Do the same on the gasket surface of the CCT (but don't spray cutter into the internals) Now using a finger apply a very thin layer of Permatex high-temp gray gasket sealant to the old gasket ensuring there are no gaps especially at the crack(s). The operative word here is THIN to avoid any excess squishing out of the material internally when the CCT is re-installed. (Ensure that no paste is applied within the engine.) Using a small screwdriver, insert it into the end of the CCT where the small 10mm bolt was located and fully retract the plunger until it does not self-release when the screwdriver is removed. Reinstall the CCT and torque the 5mm cap bolts to spec. Reinsert the small screwdriver and release the cam chain plunger. Reinstall the 10mm CCT plug bolt and the headpipe...You're done. (Make sure your header is relaxed not under any tension before re-torquing the header bolts) My bike sat for maybe an hour before taking a 45 mile test ride. Overnight would be better to ensure the Permatex is completely cured. I think most of the issues with reusing the original gasket where possible are the result of not taking steps to ensure that all oil residue has been removed from the gasket surfaces so that the Permatex can properly bond with the original gasket. Nothing bonds correctly when surfaces are coated with oil, not even oil resistant Permatex.