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  1. Kyle.S.374

    07-08 CRF450R Crankcase Compatability

    I've got an update. I ordered the '08 left case, and I test fitted it to the '07 right case. Everything except the swingarm pivot fits perfectly. The pivot does not go through the cases, because even though the part number on the right case is the same for the 07 and 08, Honda changed the position of that hole, so that it is a different height. So I'm glad that I didn't put it all together and then figure it out. But I'm more than a bit angry that they left the part number the same even though it isn't the same part. So I now have to buy the other half. ­čśí
  2. Kyle.S.374

    07-08 CRF450R Crankcase Compatability

    Thanks for the info. I feel kind of dumb now, as I didn't think of using the part numbers as reference. ­čśé
  3. So, I have what I believe is an 07 bottom end in an 08 bike (no gearshift sensor in the left case). The left case is trashed because of a chain break. The plan is to buy an 08 left side case and mate it to the 07 right side case. Will they fit correctly? (Also have the 08 trans and top end.)