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  1. If you want to email large files to people you can use a site called WeTransfer.com you can email up to 2gb for free, no catch, no sign-up etc. If used it loads of times and its brilliant as most standard email providers cap the send limit to 20-25mb. Should be able to send complete manuals this way.
  2. Looks like a rim lock to me
  3. Phill Vick

    Measuring 2t bore

    A half decent set of bore gauges and a micrometer is what works. Take 6 measurements at top, middle and bottom of the bore and 90degree rotation. That will give you the bore size and can tell if it's worn in more places than the other or if it's ovaling out. Any decent machine shop should be able to measure it up for you, just make sure to check you don't have any damage or score lines. It should have a fine crosshatch honing marks running through it. If there are any marks or scores then it's gonna need a rebore anyway.
  4. Phill Vick

    450 overheating prevention

    Larger rads, engine ice and good fans should help.
  5. Phill Vick

    Yz426 timing chain need help

    Sounds silly but I would double check you don't have bunched links caught up in the tunnel in the cylinder. I had an issue with my 426 and it caught up in the tunnel just above the crank gear. Give the chain gear a little turn with the socket whilst holding the chain taught at the top (no cams installed) and make sure it turns smoothly. You may find it will pop slightly and give you a couple links as the bunching gets removed.
  6. Phill Vick

    Gear Oil Leak

    Only way it will leak oil there is if either the gasket has failed or the bolt isn't tight or has been stripped. Looks like you got a bit of a mash up selection of bolts on there, don't think they use Philips heads to screw those casings on, normally flange heads. There is no seal on that bolt just a big ol' gasket that covers the whole right side engine casing.
  7. Phill Vick

    Hot Cams Identification

    The problem when buying used cams is that you have to ask the question why were they removed? That cam on the right in the top pic doesn't look too clever, from the picture it looks like it has some nasty burrs on the teeth. Almost looks like the camchain tensioner has given way and skipped on the teeth. I would check and measure those cams before putting them in your motor, if there is anything wrong with them they could do some serious damage.
  8. 2002 was the first year honda bought us the very fun CRF, I know they had some teething issues with the 02 that they rectified 03 onwards. The 02 had an airbox sealing issue which I think could be fixed with some sealer but still caused annoyance. Pre 04 had the old style rad panels which now look well dated. 3500 dollary doos sounds way steep. I'm in the UK and most people wouldn't pay more than a £1000 for a pre 04 CRF unless it's mint. Like others have said I would find a decent 06+ Problem with add one and accessories like exhausts etc all cost you money but in reality you will never see any real increase in vehicle value as most buyers kind of expect a few extras on them. In short $3500 is having a giggle, half that and you "may" get a decent bike, at the end of the day it's designed for a hard life and most of them have had that. CRF's are not commuter bikes, gear ratios are way too close even with adjusted sprocket gearing etc they will max out at about 65-70mph but will be shaking its head off. The later 08+ ones are slightly better as they had a steering damper.
  9. Phill Vick

    Particles in Oil screen, is this bad ?

    Far too few bits in that strainer to worry, just swarf from the gearbox most likely. Just change oil and ride on...
  10. Phill Vick

    What caused this?

    Too much chooch in ya right leg. CR500's were notorious for cracking cases due to high compression. The foot peg on most bikes acts as a kick stop, some aftermarket pegs are machined differently causing the actual kickstart gear stop to work. Too much red bull before kicking and you'll go through a casing. Off to the welder then...
  11. Phill Vick

    Flywheel bolt wont come off

    Even after a fair bit of tuning I always felt the 426 lacked any serious power, it lacks the snap of a newer 450. It's still a great bike to ride but you have to ride it quite hard. I found the suspension needed a tweak, I fitted gold valves to the fronts which made them more responsive. Get them jetted right and they will pull well, I find the exhaust system makes a massive difference, I originally bought it with an FMF system on it but I think it was a baffled forestry approved job and I just couldn't jet it right. Put a Scorpion system on it and it barks, jetted better too. I think there's an accelerator pump mod you can do to them too which helps with the jetting/power delivery.
  12. Phill Vick

    Flywheel bolt wont come off

    Oh man ok, so it's had the thread stripped from beneath it and now it won't pick up to back it out. So basically the thread on the crank is carphoocked. If it blown the crank bearings and you are looking at replacing it maybe easier to drop a hotrods complete crank/rod in there for ease and cost effectiveness. I've used them before and never had any issues with them. I had a 2000 426 and I had the head flowed and dropped in a hotcam which really bought it to life, also did away with the poxy de-comp lever as the hotcam has auto de-comp fitted. A high comp piston and check the grey wire etc and she will purr. Don't get me wrong they are quite lumpy compared to modern 4 strokes and won't compare to a CRF etc but still good for a giggle. Looks like cutting that nut off may be your only way, praps a Dremel with a tungsten carbide cutter may work, just remember the chances of the metal filings will end up on the rotor magnets so a good clean of that will be needed.
  13. Phill Vick

    Flywheel bolt wont come off

    If your stripping out the bottom end and doing rod bearings another method to holding the crank is to place a small ish praps 3x2 piece of wood either side of the con rod. Then slide a ratchet extension bar or similar through the small end of the rod and then turn the flywheel nut, it should lock up on the wood. I know from owning a 426 if left for long time or if they have been overtightened they can be bitch tight. I also found the nut was the least of the problems, cracking that flywheel off was harder, even with a flywheel puller it took some serious torque to break it free. That nut is attached to the crank if it's spinning then it must be moving the crank.
  14. Phill Vick

    2005 YZ125 part identification (carb gasket) HELP

    Oh, you've split the carb there. That's not a place you normally take apart. It's like a sacred part of the carb that you just not supposed to see. Mikuni direct will be your best choice, contact sudco if your in the US or I've used franksmxhttps://www.frankmxparts.com/epages/62910900.mobile/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62910900/Categories/Mikuni_parts who stocks loads of carb parts. Think he's in Holland but does ship worldwide, I'm pretty certain he could hook you up