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  1. Zuesy

    Photo of my KLX - let's see yours...

    Pic of my machine 2008 !! 4500 kms goes good got some kx 450 running gear !! Can do anything !!
  2. Zuesy

    Replacement brake lever probs !!

    Yeh pretty dodgy so much rubbish for basic parts !! Thanks mate.
  3. Replacing front brake lever with pivot three finger. All is easy, but there's a return spring that with standard lever has a dedicated hole to seat it. The new one doesn't, so just drill a seat for it ?? Will be difficult because instead of hole it's just rounded, and the whole would not be flush. I know it's a mouthful. But if anyone has come across this any advice would be appreciated !!! Thanks
  4. It looks like left overs of a rivet that has been drilled out
  5. Zuesy

    Electrical issues !!!

    Hey, I bought Klx 450 r 08 in great condition only problem is electrics have been fiddled with. Bike turns over with no key. Anyone have a clue on what would cause this ? Seems like someone has broken into ignition wiring !! It worries me as to power is constantly on !! Ie burnt bike. And I have two different headlights bulb connectors h5 and another. Any auto elecy's advice or cluey Ppl advice appreciated. Also I have no spring in horn button would a starter spring do same job or are they a little different ?? Thanks in advance !!
  6. Zuesy

    Remove n replace rear guard

    Yeh I just know there's a way of getting those off thanks for your reply obliged !!
  7. Zuesy

    Remove n replace rear guard

    Hi Ppl, I'm replacing rear guard all is easy but there is a small L shaped bracket holding a thread to obviously bolt it on but there's a little black push in clip I can't unfasten I'm a diesel technician it reminds me of the grommet plugs for dashes in car or truck. Does anyone know how to unfasten as I'm sure there's a way !!