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  1. robr54

    Time for valves...

    Put the stainless steel valves in and you may never need to shim again. I have been running the same valves in my 05 since the originals went.
  2. robr54

    Best skidplate for 05 450x

    I have a pic that shows it on the right side, but it looks the same on the left. It covers 1/2 of the oil filter cover, enough that most things will slide off of the skid plate and not hit the oil filter.
  3. robr54

    Throttle Hand Going Numb

    Very well could be nerve impingement around the collarbone. I never had that issue until I broke my right collarbone and let it heal not quite straight. Now if I push at almost 100% the pinky and ring fingers will go numb, then I can shake it out for a sec and it will improve. I have been working on body position lately, trying to keep my shoulders back more while I ride and it is helping.
  4. robr54

    Best skidplate for 05 450x

    http://www.sxslideplate.com/ I have one on my X after losing my Flatland aluminum that I had straightened and rewelded a half dozen times. This thing takes a beating!
  5. robr54

    PNW Events Thread

    Golden Spike Hare Scramble and Salvage Sprint Enduro this weekend in Packwood, WA
  6. robr54

    Golden Spike Harescramble Help

    Packwood WA is about 1000 feet. I see nothing on the flyers about spark arrestors, but they are always a good idea. The flyers are at http://stumpjumpers.org/
  7. robr54

    Rocky Mountain Fantasy

    I dropped out of the top 1000 this week, bummer.
  8. robr54


    I recently learned that being further forward on the bike and having more weight on the front wheel, as well as holding the bars a little looser so the bike can just follow the rut helps a lot.
  9. robr54

    Will Tomac do it again ?

    They said on the broadcast today that a rock hit the master cylinder on the bars hard enough to dent it just enough that the piston in there was jammed. Interesting, never thought of something like that. It was not the wheel or the disc at all.
  10. robr54


    Just about every year there is a track that has a corner that gets down to concrete or plywood. It is not something new at all, that has happened for as long as I can remember watching supercross, like 30 years. The 2x4 though was weird.
  11. robr54

    Ride in paradise Casey.

    I raced V2R a couple of times, he and his team put together first class races. Sad news.
  12. robr54

    Roczen and Seely at Honda Test track

    Of course he is going to look really comfortable while play riding.
  13. robr54

    2016 Desert 100!

    This guy figured it out.
  14. I have always wanted a straighter bar, so I did that when I bought mine and felt more comfortable immediately. I went 12 degree, then put 10 degree on my MX bike. That works for me, but you just have to sit on the bike in the riding position you are in the most and figure out where your hands sit best.
  15. robr54

    24hrs of Starvation Ridge entry form

    What's the weather going to be like?