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  1. mildlymotarded

    Where to get rear/passenger foot pegs

    That is SUPER helpful! Thanks!
  2. mildlymotarded

    Passenger pegs

    Hey guys, same situation here. Have you found a solution that you can pass along? I'll check the Wal-Mart pegs in the meantime. Sounds good but I don't know how it attaches.
  3. mildlymotarded

    WR200 project

    Manual: http://mybikemanuals.com/yamaha/yamaha-wr-owners-manuals/
  4. King Ridge Road, about five miles north of Cazadero there is a gnarly, sleeper hazard that took me down hard and fast. The hazard is on an uphill stretch, just before a cattle guard road feature. It is a powder-soft berm in the middle of the road that is extremely hard to spot on the pock-marked road. My front wheel hit the soft, uneven portion that is about three feet long, and I had zero time to correct. The way my wheel was slightly turned to the left, I high-sided right side and tumbled about thirty feet. Let me know if I can help you pinpoint this area as there are quite a few challenges along this route.
  5. mildlymotarded

    Any DRZ400S suspension adjustment guides?

    Or . . . either take it to a mechanic, or lower your expectations for others to do the research for you. That's what I'm talking about. Do I really need to say, "Now open the drawer of your tool chest and remove a flat head screwdriver"?
  6. mildlymotarded

    Any DRZ400S suspension adjustment guides?

    I love how people talk (and talk) themselves out of taking initiative. If information isn't for their specific bike, including year and color, they throw in the towell. If it isn't all in one post, they belly-ache and give up. If it doesn't follow their preconceived idea of procedural processes, they become immovable desktop warriors, frozen in fear. It takes a certain amount of doing outside of one's expectations (your comfort zone) perfected to suit their specific set of circumstances. I had a guy pull this on me and at 3/4 of the way to completion, he asked me to finish up the whole thing up for him. This, after taking the time (iniative) to explain what I was doing so as to alleviate some of his unmistakable reluctance to get shit done. So, his helplessness was either laziness, manipulation, or just incompetence. I left him with 1/4 of the work to complete, on principle, and he never got it done to this day. On top of that, he's a cheapskate and won't even pay to get it done. He may have a mama's boy approach, but I'm not his mama. The man-child was probably even offended, as I think about it now. We don't hang out much any more.
  7. mildlymotarded

    Pelican Style Waterproof Tool Box Mod (Cheap)

    Awesommmme! (In a high pitched valley dude voice.) Thanks! This is really a great idea and post.
  8. mildlymotarded

    Pelican Style Waterproof Tool Box Mod (Cheap)

    If you post a couple pictures showing up-close and mounting, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. I like your idea.
  9. mildlymotarded


    My name is mildlymotarded. I ride the DRZ400S model.
  10. mildlymotarded

    Downshift technique

    Yeah BUDDY! I'm,just hoping I can retain more of it mentally.
  11. mildlymotarded

    Fuel additives questions

    That's the third time I've heard similar in the past few days. Thanks for that.
  12. mildlymotarded

    Downshift technique

    In response to 38super: I can totally make that work. That looks amazing. I'm looking at their schedule now. Thanks.
  13. mildlymotarded

    Fuel additives questions

    Wow, this stuff looks even better. The concentration is insane: 32 oz. to 512 gallons! I can hear myself telling wifey, "I need to get through these 512 gallons . . . for research purposes. Bye!" Thanks!
  14. mildlymotarded

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Fresh! Cool.
  15. mildlymotarded

    Any DRZ400S suspension adjustment guides?

    Try here: https://supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?t=147197