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  1. f12517

    Wet February

    Doubt it. This was Auburn this morning
  2. f12517

    Wet February

    Guess I should've bought a snow mobile instead of a bike. Maybe be a quad tard with snow paddles....
  3. Depending how off road capable of a bike you want I'd look at DR650, KLR650, Honda XR650L, and Older BMW 650's. If you're not worried about it being very off road worthy then the Enfield might just do it. A 250/400 sized bike is going to struggle on the highway to do 75mph. All the 650's I mentioned can lowered with lowering links and dropping the fork tubes down in the triple clamps.
  4. f12517

    No room for kill switch!!

    Don't know what kind of bike you have, but I ran into this issue recently with my 2014 Ktm 500 EXC while trying to install new grips and wrap around handguards. The original owner still had the flag guards on it and just let the ends of the grips hang proud off the bar ends. I solved it by replacing the left side control switch with the sicass racing model that is much narrower. On the right side I was able to move the rubber piece on the twinwall bar down a little which got me another 1/16-1/8 inch of room and had to cut the throttle grip and tube down about 3/16 inch and was able to get it all to fit. It was a frustrating process as I really like the twin wall bars for the strength and geometry of this particular model of bars. But Renthal could really help out by machining the bars down another 1/4 inch to allow just a little more space for controls. If I have to replace these bars in the future I will probably will not buy the TwinWall bar again because of this issue. The control area is probably fine on an MX bike with minimal controls, but on a EXC or other bikes with multiple controls...not so much
  5. f12517

    And now, The Gorman 6...

    I was asking for a friend. Wanna be my friend? 🙃
  6. f12517

    And now, The Gorman 6...

    Does this mean I can use it to install my skid plate?
  7. f12517

    Wet February

    somebody is bored today????
  8. f12517

    KTM Haters

    Holy thread resurrection. And nobody noticed the last time the Op was on TT was in 2004?!?!?🤣
  9. f12517

    The problem with Motorcycles

    So based on your mathematical theory S+1 would be the correct formula to get rid of a significant other?
  10. Oh I bet you could find some dirt...may not be legal dirt but hey why be picky
  11. f12517

    Winter 2018/2019 California Snow Report

    You need a snow mobile, looks like you could ride right out of your driveway...
  12. I too have this problem on my 14 500exc. I bought the sicass switch to buy some space on the bar...
  13. f12517


    Possession is 9/10th....mount up and ride that pony!
  14. Yes, yes we did. And WFBB got to play with his new saw today. WFBB is gonna need a new screen name. We shall call him Sawyer...
  15. Yeah, while he doesn't post much, he friggin hauls ass and throws logs and down trees around like sticks.