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  1. Hi Guys, I have not been on here in a while. Here is a quick preview video of the first test of the 2013 Snowshoe Enduro that is this weekend. I hope this message finds you well and able to ride. The second video is of my disappearing bike:)
  2. RedRockRider

    Grand Junction

    Dirt is dry as of this morning. Maybe a few wet spots.
  3. RedRockRider

    Why are the VDR lap times so short?

    Just talked to Pete. He told me he was running the long format this time.....Yahooooooo! Regards, Thomas
  4. RedRockRider

    Rock Springs, WY High Plains Desert

    I would take you up on it, but I would have to buy a Wyoming sticker. I have been curious about the riding up there. Thomas
  5. RedRockRider

    Why are the VDR lap times so short?

    We were hoping for the longer course for the next race. We are making the trek over there to race that weekend. Should be fun. Even more fun with the longer course. Regards, Thomas
  6. Was just looking at the lap times. Why were the lap times so short? Was the course only 3 miles long rather than 6-7 miles long? Regards, Thomas
  7. RedRockRider

    WEBE in Montevista

    Awesome race....Water crossings were great. Maybe I made the Video:) Regards, Thomas
  8. RedRockRider

    2011 Big Sky XC

    My kids bike was stuck in second gear for the entire race. He ended up 2nd in the 250B, 4th overall. That course was a good one to be stuck in second gear. Turned out to be a broken shift fork. Regards, Thomas
  9. RedRockRider

    Colorado WEBE in Montevista

    For those that like water crossings...Can't wait. I had a bad shoulder last year. Ready to go for this year! Check it out: http://offroad-journal.com/?p=6501 Hope some of the Denver people make it down for this one....It is going to be an epic race. Regards, Thomas
  10. RedRockRider

    Snowshoe Singletrack video for those that like singletrack.

    Anyone?? I know there were people wearing their go-pro. Regards, Thomas
  11. RedRockRider

    Snow Shoe Results are up.

    Both of my sons were wearing their WEBE transponders and didn't have any scoring issues. The way the system works is that if an unregistered transponder is read, it raises a flag in the software. The backup sheets are checked at that point. Regards, Thomas
  12. RedRockRider

    Snow Shoe Results are up.

    I think his name is Loren Fricke. Really nice guy and pro-multi use. Regards, Thomas
  13. RedRockRider

    Snow Shoe Results are up.

    Get well soon. The club already settled up with moto-tally for the transponders. I guess you have a transponder for the next event. Regards, Thomas
  14. RedRockRider

    Snow Shoe Results are up.

    We check the back up sheets for someone that doesn't show as finishing a section. We have their number and time. Does it show in the results where he finished? Regards, Thomas
  15. RedRockRider

    Colorado Snow Shoe Results are up.

    The results are up. http://www.moto-tally.com/BRMC/Results.aspx Thanks all for participating. Regards, Thomas