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  1. Anatoli

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    This has been posted elsewhere but it somehow seems appropriate today.
  2. Anatoli

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    It is slow winter season here at the Swamphouse rider’s camp.
  3. Anatoli

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    I had picked up his KTM 990 for him at the Port Of Tacoma in advance of his arrival here in the USA. It was a tearful reunion.
  4. Anatoli

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Sure it sucks that we can’t ride for a few days. But consider this situation. My RTW friend Rad was 3 1/2 years and 90,000 miles from home, riding the length of New Zealand on a 20 year old Vespa last spring. He was complaining about no heated grips until the engine blew up.
  5. Anatoli

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    Trail conditions were very slick today at Walker. A great day to clear blowdowns and get some alone time.
  6. The price is right. The more important question for me is why is this like new top quality bike being sold at a big loss. The original owner probably did not bond with it for some reason and perhaps he would say why that is the case. I know of others who did not gel with the 150 platform for various reasons. Not bashing the model. The only real complaints that I have heard about the Xtrainer are from the guys that have out grown that bikes’ higher speed capabilities and now want a more serious enduro model with more power and better suspension. For them it is time for a different, more competition focused bike.
  7. Anatoli

    McCoy Peak trail reopened Giffford Pinchot

    That is a brutal ride. Congratulations.
  8. The Husqvarna FE 250 and the KTM 250 EXC are both fuel injected and use about 85% of the same components. The main difference is the Link vs PDS suspension and the color. Both are more expensive, both are excellent bikes, and both are factory street legal. They also weigh 20-25 pounds more and have a taller seat height. A shorter rider will really struggle with the height. They are taller because they have top quality race suspension with more travel than the Xtrainer. If you want a trail bike to learn on and dualsport is not required, the decision is easy. I have a handful of riding buddies who love their Xtrainers. Struggling with a too tall and too heavy bike is a bad idea for a relative novice. The Xtrainer can be lowered too. Lillian is about 5’ tall and rocks hers. No kidding.
  9. Anatoli

    Seattle foundry

    Ted Bundy was the paperboy in my hood. Had a girlfriend who lived in his old house. Talk about creepy.
  10. Anatoli

    Seattle foundry

    At least one of these small streetcar lokis from a bankrupt street railway ended up in the logging business at Clear Lake, Washington.
  11. Anatoli

    Seattle foundry

    618 South Steele St, 4 properties south of 6th Ave. In the early 1890’s, Tacoma and the rest of the World was suffering from the Panic of 1892, a huge economic collapse instigated by the Hunt Brothers manipulating the silver market. Real Estate developers like James Mason bought up miles of recently cut over stump land in what is now North Tacoma for next to nothing. In this turn of the century boom town gone bust, the automobile had yet to appear. The new tracts were 1.5- 8 miles from downtown and the port, too far to walk. The developers wanted maximum profits: that meant the maximum number of small lots, 30’ to 50’ wide. If you wanted room for your horse, you needed to buy several. Mason adroitly solved this commute to the suburbs problem by building his own steam passenger railway from just above downtown to what is now Pt. Defiance Park right through his properties. The station in the park has recently been restored after a disturbed young man torched it about 10 years ago. UPS was originally where Jason Lee Middle School is today at 6th and Sprague.
  12. Anatoli

    Seattle foundry

    I have ADD and have trouble staying on any particular topic. I developed the condition in High School in the late 1960’s.. All homes in early Puget Sound homes were heated by wood or coal in the early days before Statehood in 1889. Fireplaces were not very efficient: they burned too much wood. Every kitchen had a big cast iron wood stove that both heated and cooked. It was stuffed full of wood and the air supply reduced to keep the fire going at a low level until morning. Larger homes had parlor stoves in sleeping rooms. My 1895 2 story Queen Anne style victorian in Tacoma had several stoves and a fireplace, but no insulation. In the winter you could feel a big gust of wind from outside in every room. I demolished the deteriorating 40’ brick chimney stack running up through the MBR about a year before the ( 1999?) Nisqually Earthquake thus saving my life. In 1895 Tacoma, electricity was just being introduced in residences. Tacoma had the first municipal electrical power production facility in the country. Small stoves like the one pictured above were common in the 1920-1940’s. You could both keep a room warm and cook or heat water on one. Sears sold a million of these. It was like Amazon is today. This was my Tacoma home for 23 years. RIP wrecking ball 2017.
  13. This bike isn’t mine, but I get to ride it regularly and would recommend it to anyone. One sweet trail bike.
  14. I put 130 hours on my 2017 FE 250 and thought it was a great all round bike. Pretty expensive though. The 2 stroke 250’s, be it Husky, KTM, or Beta would be my suggestion. The lower CG, better low end torque, considerably lighter overall weight, and cheaper operating costs make them easier and more confidence inspiring for a returning rider. The 300’s are even better: I love my TE 300i but it was stupid expensive. The used 2 strokes from these manufacturers hold their value well come resale or trade in time. The Xtrainer is great, especially for the smaller rider, but the suspension is budget compared to the others. If you just plonk around below 25-30 mph then it is fine. The Xtrainer also comes in 250 or 300 flavors.