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  1. Eldon

    2020 Xcf-w 500

  2. Eldon

    2020 TE300i is here!

    Nice bike! I've read that the 2020 TX and XC TPI models have adjustable power valves. I know the 18-19 TE and XCW TPIs are not adjustable without a tuner so I'm thinking the 2020 info might be wrong. Do you have any yellow paint on the dolly skrew? Or do you know if it's adjustable without a tuner?
  3. Eldon

    KTM 2020's at the dealers?

    Likes like they're showing up on the east coast here in the states.
  4. Eldon

    2020 - Add the kicker or not?

    Well you make a valid point. If you ride solo, don't have a bike and buddy with a kickstand, and/or ride where there's little to no material needed to prop your bike on it would be difficult.
  5. Eldon

    2020 - Add the kicker or not?

    Everyone I ride with has a kickstand on their bike. There's also a lot of elevation change so I don't see much of an issue with bump starting.
  6. Eldon

    2020 - Add the kicker or not?

    A jump pack will only help if you run your battery low. If you lose a cell in your battery the jump pack won't help once you disconnect it. I believe you'll need a capacitor. I know the capacitor works on the FI bikes but have been told it doesn't on the TPI. I will give it a try when I pick up mine to verify. If you ride with a buddy you can pretty much bumpstart anywhere you can line 2 bikes up regardless of soft sand.
  7. Eldon

    Tires for Baja-KTM 500

    That's crazy, but the mousse does looks bone dry. I wonder if certain tires have a tendency to soak up lube?
  8. Eldon

    2020 KTM TPI

    The 2020 KTM 300 XC will MSRP at $9,999 here in the 🇺🇸
  9. Eldon

    Weight of 350

    I weighed my old 2016 FE350S. 5.3 gal tank half full HDB handgaurds BD headlight SC seat The bike weighed 270 lbs.
  10. If you've got to buy a new sprocket the 12 will be cheaper. The 52 rear will be slightly easier on your chain sliders and chain.
  11. I'd go with a 52T rear if you have one laying around.
  12. Eldon

    2020 KTM TPI

    I don't have a TPI so I don't know what you're referring to. 🤔
  13. Eldon

    2020 KTM TPI

    I'm not angry at you. I've yet to lash out at you. I may have stated personal facts about you so you can take a look in the mirror. I understand if you feel like it's personal, dogs feel the same way when you rub their nose in their own s***. If you feel like I'm attacking you then that's all on you Syc. Oh trust me we've been laughing at you too. Every time you refer to a TPI as a girlfriend or a wife, yet you're the one that announced you have to carry extra large condoms for your boyfriend.🤣
  14. Eldon

    2020 KTM TPI

    Reading comprehension, how original. No need to go back. You came in like a douche amd got called on it.
  15. Eldon

    2020 KTM TPI

    You're probably not used to being called out for your pissing and moaning. You were baited over here by redrider144 and you had your panties in a bunch from the beginning. I'm just here to let you know that everything will be okay. It's TPI not a meteor. In the relatively short time you've been riding there hasn't been a whole lot of change that has come to dirt bikes aside from massive advancements in 4T technology. TPI is a big leap and it's new. There's no doubt that it's here to stay. Just as you feel compelled with your "service announcements" I feel equally compelled to comfort you as a fellow member. I'll say it again for you. Change can be scary but it's okay baby squirrel. I don't hold a grudge, in fact I would roll out the red carpet and show you some good stuff if come to ride trails in the PNW. I'd even get my hands on a carb'ed bike so you could ride worry free.