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  1. adammorrill

    What trail bike should I get?

    Yeah, I meant the YZ250F and the CRF250X, probably should’ve been more specific
  2. adammorrill

    What trail bike should I get?

    Thanks for all the info guys. Right now I’m leaning towards the yz250 or crf250 just because I’m more familiar with the Japanese bikes.
  3. I currently have a Drz400s, but I’m looking to sell it to get a lighter bike. The bike does not have to be a dualsport. I’m 5’9” and weigh 170-180. I am comfortable on the drz except for the weight when I drop it on a hill climb, it becomes a real pain to pick up and maneuver. So now I’m looking at a new/used trail bike to get. Budget is 4000$ or under, would like the bike to be reliable and 4 stroke only. And I will never be racing the bike, just trails ranging from easy fire-roads to single track
  4. adammorrill

    nevada New Rider Near Carson City

    Hey, I am a somewhat new rider that is located just south of Carson City. I ride a Drz400s and am looking for others to ride with.