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  1. MsMisty75

    140G Exhaust and jetting upgrade questions

    Mtgraves.. thanks sooo much! This Information helps greatly! I would eventually like to mod the poop out of this little bike, kinda....however because it is so new (2017) I haven't had much luck on finding information as to compatible forks from a KX, I'd love to have inverted forks but am ignorant as to if the same mods for the 140L will work on the 140G. We thought about boring it to a 170 or 180, but are unsure. Your information is really useful, thank you!
  2. We are going to upgrade my exhaust and of course do the Jets on my 2017 KLX 140G. I am torn between the Pro Circuit Mini and the Big Gun exhausts and have entertained the FMF Power Core 4 minis. My questions are, 1. Why does it have to suck so bad when buying exhaust? ( I know this can't really be answered, just saying). 2. I'm looking for just a little more "pop" in the low/mid level range so it will be easier to pop the front end up when riding Chadwick Mo trails (lol), which exhaust do you think would be the best bang for the buck? 3. Jetting is confusing to me in ways that if I tried to explain it, I'd confuse everyone else. When we change the exhaust depending on which exhaust we choose which Jets should we get? Do I just need to change the pilot and adjust the floats in the carb(as I have heard from other people talking) or change both the main and pilot? Which size Jets will give the most performance without tearing the motor up so quickly? Thanks in advanced!
  3. Magic erasers work awesome and they will work on the aluminum frame as well!! You can see the difference in the attached photo of how the magic eraser works!
  4. MsMisty75

    Chadwick Trails...Easiest to I may not come out alive?

    LOL yes I could take this two ways I suppose. LOL
  5. MsMisty75

    Chadwick Trails...Easiest to I may not come out alive?

    Saturday and Sunday when we rode...I'm not sure if I ate my wheaties or not but EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING felt perfect. My bike even though it's a 4 stroker, seemed to be running amazing, maybe the cooler temps idk if that would affect it in the way I'm thinking but it was running very well...I felt planted and even busted out 119-117 to the back of the campground, like a pro...kinda. on 117 I made it all the way up the hill until my foot slid off the peg while I was trying to adjust it on my peg and hit the wall of soil which caused me to loose momentum at the WRONG time lol Wanted to take the easier route...but I didn't..I took the rocks and the paver way....right before the pavers is where it all came crashing down. The boyfriend came down and brought my bike up the 15 or so feet I needed. Lol Awesome little trail...now to look at exhaust for my little 140G ....looking for a little more pop lol
  6. MsMisty75

    Chadwick Trails...Easiest to I may not come out alive?

    Lol, been up 105... That was nuts for me anyways! I really like 132a I think is what it is...well at least as far down it as we have gone; about 3/4 of the way (Starting from the Cobb Ridge camp ground road).
  7. MsMisty75

    Chadwick Trails...Easiest to I may not come out alive?

    Thanks MXR!!! We've been down a few of those!
  8. MsMisty75

    Chadwick Trails...Easiest to I may not come out alive?

    We went and rode this morning, the boyfriend/significant other and I went down 134A Cobb Ridge to camp Ridge. We didn't go all the way to the camp ridge but darn near it. He is recovering from a tooth extraction on Friday, and I...well I'm a girl who is beyond Green but not so confident in my own abilities nor do I give my lil bike enough credit. I must say, I love that trail though! Just enough areas that are semi challenging for ME without being such a work out that I want to give it all up, like 126 did. I believe for my youngest son 134A will be amazing for him to really learn some techniques that will be beneficial for him as he is severely green, like just learned to ride a bike 4 months ago.....a bicycle that is! We also went down 101 for a ways, it was a little slimy but not too bad. We got all the way down to where it goes back up and there are boulders sticking out of the hill. Decided to turn around as I didn't feel like getting muddy when we got to the bottom, again...I'am a girl that's more than past green yet not a seasoned rider. The boyfriend has been up and down 101 many times, so he helped tell me when we should turn around or what was next and let me decide. It was a nice morning that's for sure! Sprinkled a little on us but nothing more than I could spit, really and not as busy as I though it would be! Olhillbilly, thank you again for your response to my earlier questions about Buttkick, errrr Chadwick.
  9. MsMisty75

    Chadwick Trails...Easiest to I may not come out alive?

    OLHILLBILLY, Thank you! This is the exact information I was looking for. Thank you! We/part of us have e been on many of those trails you mentioned,but not all. Some of those trails can deffinitly be widow/widower makers, that's for dang sure! Thank you bunches, gonna be out there tommorow I'm sure!
  10. MsMisty75

    Chadwick Trails...Easiest to I may not come out alive?

    Intimdatr thank you. We actually have a copy of this one, it is somewhat accurate yet some of the trails are mismarked I think, my opinion lol We've gone down some that are marked with lines and found out that they have long sections of difficulty terrain, likewise for a few difficult trailer being more in the middle with only small sections being difficult. This is my opinion though, and not to be taken as truth. Lol
  11. Was curious as to if anyone has any detailed trail maps that depict the easiest ( For the training wheels just coming off) to the extreme diamond trails (for veteran riders who have rode all their life)? Thanks in advanced!