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  1. Moregath

    86 xr250r engine questions

    Hey guys I blew up my 86 xr250r this summer (seized at low speed) and I wanted to take this chance to rebuild it since I never have and figured it be fun to learn My question is between what years did they use the engine on the 86 and if anyone knows of a rebuild kit or at least the bottom end bearing sizes that might also help but I haven't much info so fat change probably
  2. Moregath

    Drz400E to SM swap gearing

    I'm by Grand Rapids
  3. Moregath

    Drz400E to SM swap gearing

    Hows 15/44 on the trails have you run a 15/42 set up with the 112 links
  4. Moregath

    Drz400E to SM swap gearing

    Hey guys looking for opinion on gearing for my E model that I'm planning on making my do everything bike so during the week use it as SM and be a hooligan and then on the weekend go trail riding. So my plan is to leave the dirt wheels at my cousins house (ruffly 1 hour highway ride from my house) where I ride trails. I plan on riding there in SM form and switch to the dirt wheels there and then switch back for the ride home. My current gearing is 15t front 47t rear with the E chain which I'm pretty sure is 112 link (don't quote me). I would like to be able to stick with the 15t front and chain and just swap the wheels I would like to leave the 47t on the dirt wheel. My question is what size rear sprocket for the SM wheel and chain length would you guys recommend for my needs.
  5. Moregath

    Drz400s metal tank on a Drz400e

    I planned on going black not sure how going yellow to blue would do but I'll post something when I do it over winter break
  6. Moregath

    Drz400s metal tank on a Drz400e

    OK thanks but I think I'm going to try dying the tank cause I don't like how the aftermarket ones look
  7. I'm doing an overhaul of the looks of my 04 Drz400e making it all black or white not sure which yet most likely with Acerbis plastic set. Was wondering if the Drz400s tank is a direct swap or if you need to do some modification for the tank to fit the E model.