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  1. Look at two posts above yours. I went to rockymountain and went to the ktm year and model oem parts finder and ordered the brembo piston complete assembly plus the gasket from the husky oem parts finder. I think I ordered an extra seal or something but better safe than sorry. Just look at the parts diagrams
  2. I just went with the brembo parts. Been a few hours and all good so far. Will report back when I get more time on it.
  3. broke311

    Should I get a Husqvarna FE 250 or 350?

    I suck at riding and havent been into it for 15 years. Recently bought a crf250(deal too good to be true) and rode a little, then a fe501 "for a snowbike". Im already modding the fe501 for more power an dloving it on the street and dirt..... Not that I need it... but, im into it!!! Go with the 350.
  4. broke311


    who knows, however, It could have just been the wrong ecu for the bike, or one they put the wrong tune in...
  5. broke311

    2017 EXC Liven it up

    100% without a doubt - muffler, emissions delete and a vortex.
  6. broke311

    Broke my rear caliper!

    pics? It didnt get smashed on anything? It just cracked?
  7. broke311

    2018 FE 450 engine light on after exhaust mod

    bet you $5 its a bad ecu. They have been going bad and id be really pissed if its still doing that on the 19's.
  8. broke311

    fitting seat 18 fe 501

    Has anyone had problems with the seat not lining up on their 17-18 husky? I can not for the life of me get my seat to sit in its spot where I can get the bolt directly in. Ive got the gas tank slammed up as much as I can, Ive got the wiring clear.... With the stock seat I can get it close and then tighten it in, however with my new seat concepts seat its just slightly too far out of alignment and cant get it to thread in. Crazy, I know. But I cant seem to figure out where its getting held up and why its not lining up like stock. Its fairly new and no major crashes.
  9. broke311

    Decided on the FE450

    I dont think you can go wrong with it for both of those purposes. Its either the 450 or 501 for snowbike anyway.
  10. broke311

    17FE450 lowering kit

    Although im not smart enough to draw up this calculation in a suspension calculator, I still do not agree with you. If the shock is lowered 8mm, I think it will lower the rear end more, accomplishing the 20mm drop. Id say charge it up and try it out!
  11. broke311

    17FE450 lowering kit

    I am assuming because the shock and swing arm sits at an angle, the difference to your back wheel will have lowered 20mm. Have you reinstalled and measured yet?
  12. broke311

    Santa Claus rides a Husqvarna

  13. broke311

    A study into neck braces

    I’ve got the leatt vest and a leatt brace. Works well just doesn’t work with jerseys all that well.
  14. broke311

    Vortex Issue ‘18 exc 500

    id be willing to bet it doesnt work with the vortex. Rather you need to tun it accordingly....
  15. broke311

    2018 FC450 airboot vs 2018 FE501 airboot

    Thanks for the correction! Unfortunately I will not have time to try it with the stock fe501 throttle body, as im going to mate this with the fc450 44mm throttle body. I plan to try it on wheels then convert straight to snowbike if all goes well.... I should be able to tell right away if theres more power on the pavement....