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  1. Ah that makes sense. Just wanted to ask to see because I have heard people with 14-15’s yz250fs that would use the 16-18 piston and it worked. Would you recommend vertex’s 13.8 piston? Was wanting to put that end to help get more pull on top.
  2. Was wondering if anyone has tried the new piston in the 17-18 yz250f? Was wanting to put in a new top end in my bike. Thanks in advance for any feedback
  3. Haydenbaha

    Dan Crower cams

    Has anyone tried Dan Crower cams for there 14-18 yz250f? I am looking for some feedback. I tried calling the shop twice and no one answered.
  4. Haydenbaha

    YZ250F with 450 airboot

    Hi I was wondering if y’all have been using a 450 on your YZ250F?
  5. I’ll ask him if he has the software, he uses the GET products. I got the vortex off someone for a good price bc they just sold their bike.
  6. I just bought a vortex ignition from someone and looking for some help with settings. The vortex was orginally bought from twisted development and it came with a sheet but I don’t really understand. My bike is stock currently. Only thing I have done is an fmf pipe and twin air power flow currently. Will be getting some cams from Harris performance soon though. Thank you in advance for any type of help.