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  1. I do my best to keep her clean- 2017 YZ125[emoji1303][emoji1303]
  2. ferg571

    2017 YZ 125 Stock Valve Stacks

    Wow- nobody has delved into their YZ suspension...? Is it as good as they say stock? This is my first YZ, coming off forever on CR’s..
  3. Hey all! Been a few years![emoji33]. Anywhoo, back on a dirt cycle, and wondering if anyone has their stock valving stacks for their 2017 YZ125 I can check out before I pull mine apart. Much appreciated!
  4. Hey all! Been a few years!😱. Anywhoo, back on a dirt cycle, and wondering if anyone has their stock valving stacks for their 2017 YZ125 I can check out before I pull mine apart. Much appreciated!
  5. ferg571

    2008 WR450 fork valving

    I figured this to be a blowoff design..thanks for the info mog, I'll call DaveJ. There isn't a fixed base in these, more a floating base sitting on top of a thick spring, with 3 thick shims on top of the floating base..then piston, one shim (sorry, have yet to measure thickness), then light spring with regular Yamaha cap for limiting blowoff, but also had three shims atop of this cap...? No real purpose of these shims. If I get a chance I'll get a pic and post.
  6. Hey all- its been a long time since last post, but never had a set of these apart for valving. Rider wants a more MX feel to his WR, but when I removed the base valving....there wasn`t any!! So, obvious question for the suspension experts- how can I `valve`this to give him what he wants- short of telling him to buy a YZF Do I need to get into the midvalve to do it? Appreciate any help- thanks guys!!!
  7. ferg571

    2001 DRZ250 Shock Swap?!?!?!?!

    Hey Mog- I have looked, and I do have some shocks kicking around the shop..I thought someone out there might have done the swap already, and maybe know what reservoir would clear on this bike without me going over to have a look at the bike.. I'm assuming the tolerances must be tight for them to run the remote reservoir shock? Or just that the Suzuki factory had a bunch of them sitting around? Adam
  8. Hey everyone- I have a dilemma. Buddy has dropped off his shock, remote reservoir-style...the issue being these shocks have a right side up bladder configuration in them, something I have never seen or dealt with. From what I can see, there isn't ANY way to refill the bladder in its current configuration, so I checked the RaceTech site and they sell a replacement bladder cap, which would then have the bladder upside down, like all the other shocks. The only concern I have is once the bladder is removed from the upper cap (the hose enters here with the clicker adjuster on it), it makes the cap too loose to fit into the aluminum reservoir?!?!? I would need a massive o-ring, or another donor bladder to cut so that the cap stays tight, or....... Does anyone know of a shock that can be used in place of the stocker?? Is there any bolt-in suggestions for this bike?? Thanks for any help, folks!! Ferg P.S. And yes I have checked the drz site with no luck...checked sooo many pages my eyes have gone squirrelly!! If someone does know of a posting, please point me in the right direction:worthy:
  9. Hey all- Wondering if anyone out there has a RaceTech part that I am looking for to rebuild this shock.. it is part SMRC 40501, a replacement bladder. RaceTech has them on backorder, with no apparent arrival date, and my customer has been waiting for too long. Any help would be appreciated- thanks! Adam
  10. ferg571

    XR100 with CR80 Suspension Shock issues

    Hey fellas- If you are in need of a rebuild, shoot me a pm and I'll do my best to help you out. I'm not sure where you are in Toronto, but we are located about an hour east. Adam
  11. ferg571

    2010 CRF 250 Stock Fork Specs

    This came from MXA's test of the 2010 CRF250- "The Showa 48mm forks come with a separate aluminum screw on top of the fork legs. Do not use it to bleed air out of the forks. It is only to be unscrewed when servicing the forks." This statement is what led me to believe that they had a bladder system like the KTM forks. If not, then what IS that other screw for?!?! Adam
  12. ferg571

    2010 CRF 250 Stock Fork Specs

    Haven't had a set in yet myself, but have a guy coming. Is there some sort of air chamber in these? If so, is there a special tool required for this teardown? Needle valve to recharge? What psi? Sorry for all the questions..any help is greatly appreciated. Adam P.S. Also, while I'm asking all these questions, here's one more- what is meant by "correcting the float"? And, how is this done? Thanks again guys!
  13. ferg571

    2010 250f's-stock valving

    Hey all- Just got into the shock, here's the stock specs.. Rebound .20x40 2-.25x40 .10x24 .30x40 .30x38 .30x36 .30x34 .30x32 .30x30 .30x28 .30x27 .30x26 Compression 4-.25x44 4-.20x44 .20x23 2-.20x44 .25x42 .25x40 .25x38 .25x36 .25x34 .25x32 .25x30 .25x28 .30x26 .30x24 .30x22 spacers nut Adam
  14. ferg571

    2010 250f's-stock valving

    Thanks Pavouk!! Do you happen to have the shock specs as well by any chance?? Adam