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    Beta cross reference?

    If you need a new fan motor buy a SPALL 4" puller fan from amazon. Cost is around $60 vice $170 nd it is the same motor used in trail tech units. Only one catch! The OEM 3 bolt fan bracket will have to be used not the 4 bolt spall fan bracket. For this, both oem and spall fan blades need to be taken off to do the motor swap. its easy with a little heat and they come right off . Some high temp epoxy may be needed to mount the oem fan blade on the new spall motor. You don't have to use the oem fan blade but having used the new spall fan blade and tossing the oem one out, I feel the oem blades work much better at moving more air through the radiators. Do a little modifying save a lot of money. Hope this helps!!

    X-Trainer Fan Blade

    Ya I had the same problem but JUST FYI. I replaced my fan motor with a SPAL 4" puller fan motor because it is the same dims as the stock beta fan however I made the misstate of tossing that stock fan blade that was walking off. To install the SPAL fan into the OEM fan mounting plastic bracket you will have to heat and remove the existing fan blade so if you can, install the stock fan blades onto the new SPAL fan. I feel like it works a lot better at moving air through the radiators than the stock SPAL blades . My thermostat is working fine now but because I am running the stock SPAL blades it takes longer for the liquid to cool down to turn the fan off ultimately just using more battery juice unnecessarily. plus if you ever have to get anew fan its a lot cheaper at $59. Hope this helps someone out there