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  1. I honestly think that’s what it is because I have new pilot jet in and it’s clear but I never blew out the passages with compressed air.. lol.. is dust cleaner compressed air okay?
  2. Haha I just replaced it with a new 42 pilot jet, stock is supposed to be 40.. I haven't blown air through the pilot jet hole that leads to fuel screw yet..
  3. Okay so the title is a little vague. So it was having trouble idling and even starting when I first bought it about a month ago for $2k. So I did a rough clean of carb, looked up on YouTube, Forums, Etc on how to do it. I only cleaned jets with carb cleaner and sprayed around the float bowl area and such, so not too extensive. Did that and I took it out to a park, It would start up right away mostly, few kicks sometimes, but when I got it started, I had to keep the choke on. Right when I was ready to go fast and go up to 3rd and 4th gear I'd switch it off and it would work fine and sound fine and everything, but when I slowed back down and coasted around 1st gear i'd pop it back out again because it sounded like it was going to do. I have some videos if people would like me to link to them. So after that I decided to take it apart and replace spark plug with OEM NGK R0409B-8, replace main jet from a old 170 to a new 170, replaced pilot jet from a old 40 to a new 42, and kept starter jet the same just made sure that wasn't clogged, ordered a new adjustable fuel screw and used that. and it was still having a little bit of problems! I just started up today and the day before today. It would run only with choke on, if i twisted throttle in neutral it sounded pretty good, no gun shot noises or anything, pretty smooth. If I tried to take choke off it would die immediately. So I started it back up again, took around 6 kicks.. So again with choke on it sounded like it was starting to lose power and RPM's would drop so I'd twist throttle a few times and it would stay idling.. then after a small amount of time, start to sound like its about to die again... so I would rev it up again, and repeat.. Fuel line isn't clogged, flows fine. I tried fuel screw everywhere between 1 and 2 turns out.. I checked valve clearances, and I'm no expert but from the videos I watched the slipped underneath intake and exhaust with only minor force. So I'm lost.. Maybe float bowl is messed up? Should I just do a COMPLETE carb rebuild from videos I've seen on youtube, like this one -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AXb9UprT30? Or what? It's getting annoying taking it apart all the time, I jsut want it to start up quickly and run well!! Thank you! Austin, TX, Elevation 600ft, where I ride its around 900ft