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  1. cmbthumper

    its here ! the rain is here !

    That is Round 3 upgrades for me when I have the dealer do the 20hr suspension maintenance. With the rain and soft dirt We have now i can deal with the stockers for a few more hours.
  2. cmbthumper

    cmbthumper 19' KTM 500 EXC-F

    OH YEAH!! Forgot about this till it arrived today. Direct from AXP when they had the Pre-Xmas sale. Extreme skid and Shark Fin. Pretty cool they threw in a millennial brim hat.
  3. Time Left: 28 days and 19 hours

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    Brand new never installed older style Highway Dirtbike Top Clamp 90x38/40mm for sale.


    Ramona - US

  4. cmbthumper

    cmbthumper 19' KTM 500 EXC-F

    Thanks for that. I read that this morning and yes it was very informative. No debates needed but i will check mine as per the manual till i feel comfortable. I simply don't have the experience to know by sound, feel or any other way to tell otherwise So, i have to follow those pesky instructions/directions. Same with the oil etc etc. Just glad to read that in reality there are no real problems which should be expected form such a high quality bike. Of course there will always be a few that have little niggles here and there. Nothing is perfect or bulletproof. I am just glad i am in a position that i can own and enjoy one of the best.
  5. cmbthumper

    its here ! the rain is here !

    Yup very nice wall. I'll give it a go on the stock Tires 🤣 . Don't mind going up but hate coming down.
  6. cmbthumper

    its here ! the rain is here !

    Ah Man i wish. Looks soo damn fun. I get sick twice a year. 2018 didn't get sick at all till 12-20-18. Missed X-Mas and New Years and not until 2 days ago i could breath through my nose and taste food. My poor KTM has been taunting me ever since. So, we going for a ride? No? Ok maybe next week. So, we going for a ride? No? FAWK!! She saw me today and said i see your feeling better now ride me like a corner hooker. Yes maam! Will do.
  7. cmbthumper

    cmbthumper 19' KTM 500 EXC-F

    Thank you for the pic. Round 2 Upgrades will be HDB Ulitmate Handgaurds and Dash Mount just like pictured. I am sure i was a true PITA to Paul from HDB with all my questions but super happy with how my Honda XR4 one came out. Worth every penny IMO.
  8. cmbthumper

    cmbthumper 19' KTM 500 EXC-F

    Very nice to read the valves don't really move. De-Smog upgrades and a tune are the next round of upgrades. The little screen did look a squished but then again i never have seen one. I'll get a new plug on the next oil change i think.
  9. cmbthumper

    500 XCW 3 Wheeler

    I saw on their other vids they made a Husky 501 one as well.
  10. Not a Build Thread just a place to keep my bikes upgrades, thoughts and so on. 1st Ride with my Dad and his newly plated 01' Suzuki DRZ400E. My first Valve Check and Oil change at 1.5hrs. Intakes (Both) were .006 and Exhaust (Both) were .004. Oil was terribly dirty for only and hour but expected. Little black gooey grease on the Drain Plug Magnet, Main filter screen had very little fine flakes and some Yellow grease goo. Smaller screen was clear. Plug was well an Ethanol smogged up plug but looked good. Overall very happy with the first one. Now i can ride for a bit and get to know my bike.
  11. cmbthumper

    500 XCW 3 Wheeler

    Ever since my 250R knocked my lower teef out i would never get any 3 wheeler but this is pretty impressive. All i can say is Quad please. Don't know how to insert vids yet. https://youtu.be/2FXxRlKf_gs
  12. cmbthumper

    2017 / 2018 KTM 500 exc Vortex ignition

    Thank you for the link and write up. My $.05 I highly recommend Jeff aka Bolt https://thumpertalk.com/profile/338767-jeff-aka-bolt/ for all your parts & accessories! He gave me a good deal on the Vortex & bought my JD Tuner from me even though I didn't buy it from him. He can get you anything Rocky Mountain ATV can get for less $. I said the JD Tuner was a huge improvement, so it is still a good add on, & for people who just ride trails & woods it is great! I didn’t discover the limitations until I went to the MX track. If you want a full MX bike get the Vortex, but if you just want a great dual sport the JD does great & is much cheaper! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have read the JD Tuner vs Vortex till my eyes bled. I honestly really get it and appreciate BOTH real world inputs, sales tactics, one line answers and so on. Not I or anyone can convince you to spend your own hard earned money whether you have it or not. You are you and will make up your own mind. From rustyg61 posts the ones in Bold-Italic and underline above really stuck out and should be your final deciding answer on which to get IMO. The buy back is the first I read TBH. Pretty cool of Jeff. The MX (Enduro, i'll race you to the truck etc) vs Dual Sport and Cheaper is what I believed since I started reading about the two ECU/Tuner Upgrades. For me and just getting back into dirt bikes, I basically went all out on arguably the best Brand and model for my purposes and riding abilities. Is a 500 too much for someone getting back in since 1998? Maybe? I don't know. Doubt it. Eventually I will gain riding skills and push the bike more and more. For now, I need a few key upgrades that will make the bike, me and my mind perform better. Those upgrades cost money. Money that could go immediately to a Vortex if I had deep pockets or no budget. I do, so for the time being I will be upgrading in stages and from what I read, Yes I will say damn I should have done that from the beginning but my path is my path. Whatever you choose be thankful we have a choice.
  13. cmbthumper

    Clipped a TREE

    Getting old sucks donkey balls for sure. I have to wear a wrist strap liek yours on my right wrist from my 30 years of computer work, my corset (That's what i called it and looks like a chick one) from my back surgery and MotoSkiveez for my back/ass on this sh*tty seat. Takes me a damn hour to gear up. All worth it even for a 2hr evening rip.
  14. cmbthumper

    Riding in the NW: Watch out for that Cougar!

    Honey!!! Somebody's trying to steal your quad. You better go talk to him. Oh wait that was my EX. he just wants some breakfast before a early morning ride.
  15. cmbthumper

    Clipped a TREE

    Good to read you didn't get a hernia. Even though my 500 is light as F compared to my XR4, I put the handle on and will do straps front and rear because well I suck and know I'll need them.