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  1. If he really wanted to sell it he shouldve stopped at the finish line! He got passed like a lapper would of. Tomac was gonna pass him no matter what. What joey was trying to make his co worker more money and give him the win? If i had a chance to make more money over the guy im working with id make it happen. Sounds like excuses. If joey wouldve beat tomac straight up with how hungry eli was in that race gauranteed he wouldnt be looking for a ride!
  2. No pro athlete surrenders to a battle out on the field without a fight! Joey was gonna get passed and we will never know if he could of held him off because it didnt happen. If joey wouldve won he would of gotten paid and would of gone down in history. As of now it looks like eli was on a drive and joey pulled to the side. Not biased to either rider. Now joey will have to prove himself over and over and will be cool if he does. To bad he lost his ride.
  3. I pulled the one side off because it was damaged. I did get to the bottom of the mystery. Im 3rd owner of bike and messaged the original owner and he put tons of money in the bike. Upon selling he pulled most of the goodies off including full suspension upgrade but while doing he replaced all the stock parts with new and the new fork rebuild kit came with that outer gaurd to keep the fork gaurds from hitting and wearing out the finish. So i guess thats it. Them pieces come in a fork rebuild kit. Kind of bumbed i didnt get the factory connection upgrade but at least i dont have to rebuild anything because he said it was all new. This bike switched hands within 1 week. Second owner didnt like the bike
  4. Seems to be a perfect fit. There is a cir clip on the very bottom if u look close and the same one sandwiched between the plastic piece. I keep finding more and more little mods to this bike.
  5. I showed pic of good side. The other side was broken where the fork is bare. Any idea where to get another one?
  6. Just bought a 16 250x and noticed on the front fork there was a plastic ring with a wire wrapped around it and another wire underneath in the grooves on the bottom of the fork just above the seal. It was broke on one side so i tried looking it up to buy a replacement. I cant find it or figure out the wording to even look it up. Can anyone tell me what this part is or even what it is for? I took it off the one side and it literaly does nothing that i can see but hold some dirt in. Here is a picture of it. I looked up every year bike and none of them have it on the forks. Thank you for any advice
  7. Ok thanks guys! I will have to order the right one then
  8. Can someone tell me what spark arrestor i need. Did a lot of research and cant seem to find the right part number. Local shop has one part number 024017 says 02-17 yz250. Not sure. Thanks for any help
  9. Ok thanks for info. Still waiting to here from the shop if they can fix my stock head. I feel like im so far away from the light. I will get back here when i find more out.
  10. I looked at it. Dont see any discolor or anything. Smooth and clean.
  11. Ok thank you. I also sent the cylinder and piston to same shop for inspection along with the pin for the piston.
  12. Done tons of research cant find a solid answer. Will a 2007 or other years yz450f head work on a 2007 wr450f as long as i have the cams and caps? Ive sent out my head already to possibly have it machined but in case it cant be done im weighing my options. Local shop already bent me over for 300 just to tear my bike apart and tell me since the head is toast then the rest of the motor is to. They wanted another 200 to keep going and said it would at least cost 2500 after they already had the bike for 3 weeks. Piston and jug is mint and the crank is good to i checked it myself. Could have an oil issue but im leaning towards over tightend cam cap. Only the intake journal that has minor scratches. Im no mechanic just try to do my own research so i dont get had and i still got had. I will be doing the work myself. I have a hard time trusting shops so any help would be appreciated. Seems like some serious down time and coin when these bike fail.
  13. All that is good info thanks! Ive done 99% of that whole article. One thing im waiting on is my hot start cap. If the hot start cap doesnt seal properly because of plastic threads how much could that impact performance? I can snug it up and it will stay but has a hint of wiggle. It may be creeking open a titch when bouncing around or steering?
  14. Still looking for more help. Maybe i should move this post somewhere else. After experimenting with ap and carb adjustments, jets etc...i can not get rid of the off idle bog. The ap seems to be working great. Maybe even to good where its getting to much fuel. Right now its at the best its been. 42 leak jet, 45 pilot jet, dont think the main jetting has anything to do with it. 165 main stock needle in the middle postion. What else can i be missing? Could it be the fmf pipe with stock muffler w/gytr end cap? Maybe i went to far on leak jet and try a 60 or 70? I feel like its the same with 95 or 42. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Got the 250 to start up and was able to give it a quik ride. Nasty here. 30 degrees and rain snow mix. Cant seem to get it to run quite right. Right off idle it bogs. Cant tell if its to lean or to rich. Has a little bit of a hanging idle. Messed with the fuel mixture but its a pain in the ass to get to. Seems like leaning it out makes it better but that doesnt make since to me. Any suggesstions? Could it be to cold out for the jetting? Btw this bike has a few mods. Hot cams and a full pipe with looks like jd jetting.
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