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  1. I am on duty this weekend, but am usually up for going out if I am free. I ride a 1090, so I may be looking at different riding than you. I am still searching for good places to ride, but there is a game preserve that I have spent a bit of time exploring about 20 minutes from base.
  2. Really nothing, I've been a bit reluctant to head out alone. It's the biggest drawback of the big bike, if it is moving I can manage pretty well, but a mud pit can be a huge deal to get out of if I get stuck.
  3. Hi, I live in Kingston. I don't get out much but want to more, I am from the west coast so I don't know anything out here. I have a KTM 1090 out here and a KLR 650 out west. I managed to keep up not too bad on the big bike, and rarely came across things that I couldn't manage.