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    DR650 engine in DR350 frame?

    The gs500 as a bike is a bit of a dog, but from what I've been able to research, the engines themselves should of a similar weight, with the added bonus of around 10 - 15bhp. But then you'd need to add some weight back with the twin exhaust, dual carbs, and oil cooler. From what I recall, the gs engine is also wider, which would be a bit of a problem. Honestly, if I had a broken dr350 engine and a broken g500 motorcycle I'd give it a shot.
  2. Foil

    DR250S still running too rich after carb rebuild...

    I never trust checking it with a hose. I'm a bit anal like that. But I'm still pretty sure that this a something or another in the carb type of problem. I'd disassemble everything again, clean everything meticulously - for instance, the brass plug where the seat seals is usually filled with junk that carb cleaner won't knock off (last time I had to polish it out with some abrasive and a q-tip on a drill).
  3. Foil

    DR250S still running too rich after carb rebuild...

    Well, that narrows things down a bit more. Have you checked the float height? Sometimes the o-ring were the float attaches to the carb body swells up and causes havoc.
  4. Foil

    DR 350se Idle issues

    Sounds like you're running really lean. Does backing the fuel screw make it run better?
  5. Foil

    1990 DR350S

    Honestly, I'd steer clear of expensive carb "performance" kits. Open the airbox, clean out your carb, install a stepped needle and jet it to what jessie from kientech mentions and slap on a freer flowing muffler. I bout my dr with this combo and the throttle is pretty damn snappy for a cv. If I jerk the throttle more than halfway at 2500-3000rpm in second the wheel will come right up. Third requires a bit of a thug, but still doable. With the 13-52 dirt gearing it gets a bit silly.
  6. Foil

    DR250S still running too rich after carb rebuild...

    That part were you mentioned drilling out the pilot jet is the most suspicious to me. Pilot jets are so small, that even drilling them out with the correct size bit will most times result in a larger than normal hole. All it takes is a sleight wobble in the bit, and there you go, a couple of 0.0x mm's will do a hell of a lot.
  7. Foil

    dr650 dies when given throttle

    Have you checked the float height? My 350 would start perfectly and idle, but would sputter and choke out with any throttle. The culprit ended up being that the float tab got a bit tweaked.
  8. I've got one of those on my 1986 gpz600. The only thing that I don't like is how short the hose nub is. A decent tug, and even with a proper hose clamp the rubber hose will come right off. Might not be so good on a dirt bike.
  9. Foil

    DR 350 No compression

    I find that if I leave my DR sitting for two-three weeks completely untouched, it'll "loose" compression. I can turn it over by hand, which makes starting a bit trickier. I'll usually kick it over with the decompression lever open as fast as I can about 10 times, and then, with the choke fully open, it should build enough compression to start. If I leave for a month or so, I just end up bump starting it. A smooth hill, neutral, decompression lever clicked in and then put it into second while rolling. Even if it just sputters it'll usually be enough to do the usual starting procedure. I always found this weird, because the bike has good power, doesn't smoke and after starting has enough compression for me to stand on the kick lever.