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  1. MitchMan406

    2013 TXCI 250

    Yes, I own 2014 TE310 with 10-15 hours on it. Thing is like brand new. The motor in now seized from m my first easy trail ride. I would pass on these Huskies. Get a KTM.
  2. MitchMan406

    Engine Seized: Very Low Hour 2014 TE310R

    Question: Could the kick-start mechanism on the Husqvarna TE310R produce a seemingly-seized engine?
  3. MitchMan406

    Bolts stuck in petrol tank.

    I had this happen to a ‘99 Cagiva Gran Canyon. The easy fix relative to this KTM is the use of a soldering iron. Heat the metal bolt/barb up to about 150-160f and the bolt should release and slip out, tugging on it with pliers. But for the Cagiva, drill and tap the plastic. The challenge on the Cagiva was this: The Italians made the tanks out of Nylon. There’s only two known glues that will bond to nylon. One is Tech Bond. It will make super strong, permanent bonds to Nylon. JB Weld will not stick to nylon. Nor other epoxies like West Systems. Ethanol-based fuels are big problem for most of the glues/epoxies available at auto parts stores as well. Not sure what KTM made made this tank out. Let’s pray it’s not nylon and the applied JB Weld epoxy stays put.
  4. MitchMan406

    Engine Seized: Very Low Hour 2014 TE310R

    So I pulled the starter. Came right out. No bind; no jamb. Nothing seemingly under a great deal of pressure or any binding. Then I tried the kick lever. No dice. Kick lever is frozen still. I pulled the starter apart. bearings looked good and it the worm gear spun freely. What is the next step? Thank you, in advance.
  5. MitchMan406

    Engine Seized: Very Low Hour 2014 TE310R

    No, sir.
  6. MitchMan406

    Engine Seized: Very Low Hour 2014 TE310R

    Man, I hope you’re right.
  7. Have a 2014 TE310R with a seized engine. Not happy. I am the second owner. Bike has about 10 hours. The bike is like new. Think showroom. The power up mods were done. It started right up every-time. I rode the bike around the neighborhood since I bought it back in October. Just putted around the neighborhood basically. Then Sunday took it to the trails for some pretty flat, easy trail riding and it seized at the bottom of a dry stream bed. I was lugging it over rocks and it stopped. Tried to hit the button several times—and each time I heard a “tink”, “tink” when the starter engaged. So I tried to kick it. Kick lever was solid like it was welded on. Absolutely seized. Not missing any engine coolant. Oil level and condition seems fine. (Not milky at all.) Transmission will shift into 1, 2, and neutral. Didn’t try any other gears. Bike will roll around in neutral fine. Recommendations, please. Thank you in advance. -Mitch
  8. MitchMan406

    My new 650R dual sport

    How much for an R model-if you don’t mind me asking. I’m in the market...