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  1. Mitchell B

    dr650 dies when given throttle

    Update: It is back up and running. I installed the new choke fitting to replace the crappy plastic one. I think the problem was a combo of the choke being partially activated even when I had it turned off, and a possible bad seal from the carb to the air inlet on the engine side. After finding and fixing these issues it runs fine.
  2. Mitchell B

    dr650 dies when given throttle

    I have not checked the float height, in fact I know I should have, but I completely forgot to. I'll check that later today, as I won't be home until around 4:30. I guess if the float height adjustment and new choke fitting don't solve it then my next solution might just be plugging the hole and getting a new spring as suggested earlier. I'll update the thread with results once these suggestions are tried.
  3. Mitchell B

    dr650 dies when given throttle

    The petcock vacuum is hooked up. Your mentioning of the choke got me thinking. The choke fitting (plastic crappy one) is a little stripped out. Could this lead to the choke being partially engaged due to a bad seal? I already have a metal fitting on the way. If that is possible then it is probably the issue.
  4. Mitchell B

    dr650 dies when given throttle

    I was hoping this was not the case but you may be right. The only thing that makes me think otherwise is that it does the same thing even if i open the throttle as slowly as possible. It will slowly climb rpm until maybe 2500 rpm (by ear tachometer.... reliable right) then it will sputter and try to die until I let off. I can fill the hole later tonight and see how it does I guess.
  5. Mitchell B

    dr650 dies when given throttle

    I have a 2001 dr650 that dies whenever I give it a little gas. The bike has a procycle jet kit, along with the modified air box and a DG muffler. The bike ran fine until I drilled the slide and slightly clipped the spring (conservatively on both). After re-assembling, it will start fine and idle fine until I give it gas. I checked to make sure the small o-ring for the vacuum line was still there and it is. I've took the carb apart and put it back together a few times now looking for anything but it all seems clean and in good shape. I have also checked the small fuel filter and it is clear. Any help would be appreciated.