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  1. Robert Poppe

    2017 rmx 450 overheating in super tight single track

    I’ll try that out😁
  2. Robert Poppe

    Clutch cable to tight?

  3. Robert Poppe

    Clutch cable to tight?

    17 rmx450z.my clutch is very hard to pull in.after riding about an hour I would have to adjust on the fly after a stall cause the bike would creep forward while trying to restart.i got to looking at the cable and it is like smashed into the frame so hard I can barely wiggle it.it also goes through a couple of tight bends.i can get the clutch to work it’s just hard to pull maybe some lube but other bikes I’ve had the cables were never the tight.i had to slide the lever down the bar and I think that may be helping idk.
  4. Robert Poppe

    Clutch cable to tight?

    My question is would a clutch cable that’s is not routed properly or is to short cause a tight pull on the lever?thanks👍
  5. Robert Poppe

    2017 rmx 450 overheating in super tight single track

    Don’t blame you I’ll be putting mine in basement soon to do suspension and try that fan again.
  6. Robert Poppe

    2017 rmx 450 overheating in super tight single track

    When I tried to slide the copper heat piece into my radiator I broke some small fins and fluid came out.my fault.i think I’ll try a again this winter.the fan I thought would only fit on left side.after I damaged radiator I replaced them with oversized and only overheated once in really tight track when it was +90f.when I get into tight single I start to have problems lol.you know like crashing lol.no pictures of installed kit.
  7. Robert Poppe

    2017 rmx 450 overheating in super tight single track

    Yes I have the same problem.i tried the trail tech fan kit and broke a radiator.then I put on the oversized radiators but still overheated on some really tight single track in a hedge row.i saw the coolant leaking on the ground.it was about 90f that day.it seems to me when I get into really tight single track I get into trouble with overheating,but once I get out I do ok.beginner rider.
  8. Robert Poppe

    Hydraulic clutch

    Does anyone now if a magara clutch from a 2010 rmz 450 will fit on the rmx?
  9. Robert Poppe

    RMX clutch issues

    i have same problem here plus it grabs sometimes before it gets hot.i just put on 12 tooth front sprocket and in the yard it seem better to me.next race for me is oct 20-21
  10. Robert Poppe

    Spark arrestor?

  11. Robert Poppe

    Spark arrestor?

    what kind of settings are you guys running with your jd tuners?i took all of the then ended up putting back in cause i thought it ran better with it all in there except air snorkel.
  12. Robert Poppe

    another fng here with some questions

    i did not realize that.im from indiana USA I also fixed profile.i did not adjust the main on the jd tuner just pilot and low throttle, but ill give it a try.thanks
  13. Robert Poppe

    another fng here with some questions

    hi my name is Bob.i picked up a 17 a couple of months ago and have ridden a few sprint enduro.i have jd tuner and removed air flapper and i noticed after about an hour of slow riding my idle seems to slowly keep getting higher as time goes on.i have played with the knob a few times and seems to go up by it self then after shifting to 2 or 3 gear it will run normal again.i thought it was hand control but I'm not sure.other than that no other problems.