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  1. Kadensmith44

    Sxf350 vs xcf350

    Can you guys tell me the power and speed difference in these two bikes?
  2. Kadensmith44

    350 xcf vs xcf-w

    I’m wanting to buy one these two bikes but not 100% which one I want. What are the difference speed and power wise?
  3. Kadensmith44

    Powder coating

    So i will need another oven. What kind of blaster would be best?
  4. Kadensmith44

    Powder coating

    I’m wanting to powder coat my bike but it’s all new to me. I’ve got a powder coater picked out that I’ve heard is good for what I’m doing. I’m not 100% what kind of sand blaster I need and what kind of media. I have also heard you can’t cook in the oven after you’ve baked your parts is that true?
  5. Kadensmith44

    Tire change trouble

    I’ve changed my tires many times before and it’s usually easy but this time I’m trying out a hard rubber. Is there any tricks to getting it on? I feel like I’m just bending the rim cause the tire doesn’t flex much.
  6. Kadensmith44

    Carb adjustments

    I just did a carb kit on my 06 crf250r and I can’t get it to idle now. I’ve been messing with the pilot screw and got it to idle for a couple seconds then it dies. It also dies when I give it just a little throttle but goes when I go about 1/4. It pops pretty bad when I decelerate to