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  1. Second owner. Had it for 8 years. Works at a bike/atv/snowmobile shop. Said he can estimate and believes the bike has under 500 miles. Looks mint. It's my first choice as the others look used. Just wasnt as familiar with the KDX as the other models but I'm reading up
  2. Looking into a new toy. Im an avid street rider. I've had some dirtbikes in the past, most recent being a street title XR400R that was pretty fun but I thought I needed some more top end so I traded it in. Now that I've got a cruiser, I'm looking for a "woods" bike. Itll be a trail rider and weekend warrior. Not afraid of maintenance. Looking for reliability and fun. Cheap to fix would be nice. Never owned, but have ridden a couple 2 strokes and im leaning that way. Since its the season for good deals on CL I've found a few in mind. I have no dedication to a brand. Under 3k would be ideal. I've seen a KDX200 for 2.5k, CR250 for 2.3k, and a DRZ400 (4st I know) for 2.5k. As you guys are the veterans here I'll ask your opinions.
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