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  1. Australian Psycho

    Exhaust Questions.

    I have some questions to clear up, concerning uncorking a 2012 TTR250, that I need to keep road legal to Australian NSW laws. Is it the pipe coming from the Bike or the Exhaust (The Header) that deals with noise I get the impression that it's the Exhaust. I know the Exhaust system is restrictive but is the problem in the Exhaust or in the pipe. If it's the Exhaust, is there a aftermarket one that will help uncork the Bike but not exceed noise limit of 94 decibels? It seems the powercore is loud at 96 without a insert. Also when buying a Exhaust you don't need a full new system do you? As in new pipe coming from the bike aswell, they should mount straight on yeah? Also is it possible to rejet the carb, and do airbox mods, with out an exhaust? Or would it be better to just leave it stock? I know lots of dumb questions but I would appreciate any help.
  2. Australian Psycho

    TTR-250 Larger Fuel Tank

    10.2 litres, I suppose if I ride in a mild manor, it's also sealed road and also long as I avoid hard acceleration and carry a little extra fuel I suppose I could make it.
  3. Australian Psycho

    TTR-250 Larger Fuel Tank

    I need about 195 KM, round that to 200 to be safe. Probably easier to carry a medium ish size jerry can.
  4. Australian Psycho

    TTR-250 Larger Fuel Tank

    So I've confronted with a problem, I'm looking for a larger fuel tank for a Yamaha TTR-250. I know the Acerbis 20L tanks are a option but the ones for Honda XR-650 can be used and their someone who sells a mounting kit for them. Which is great but would a 20L Acerbis TTR-250 Tank fit straight on using what's provided in box. Or would I need to fabricate mounts. Which is what I'm trying to avoid. If the TTR-250 Tank requires fabrication, I'll go for the XR's Tank and the kit. There's just a miscommunication, on EBay the item just says mounting included but it earlier states you need to make mounts. Does anyone have experience?
  5. Australian Psycho

    Speedo on CRF230F

    So I want to fit a Speedo to my stock Honda CRF230F, I know people have fitted the Trail Tech endurance to them but they are a bit pricey so my questions are is there another reliable Speedo or is my best choice to bite the bullet and get the Endurance? My other question is the stock stator for the CRF230F enough to power a Speedo or more specifically a trail tech endurance 2? I fully capable of installing it and splicing the wiring, my question is just can the stock bike support it? Also the Bike does not have a headlight.