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  1. Thanks for the knowledge, it's hard to find this kind of wisdom with google alone. You mention uv joint, I am guessing you mean universal joint. I think Grizzly's have a CV joint which is a kind of UV joint. Sorry, I just don't know this area well enough. On the Grizz, the part of the axle that connects to the diff is a CV joint and the part that connects to the wheel bearing is also a CV joint. Wondering if I have this right. I saw a video of a Grizz axle being replaced and was surprised how easily the axle can come out of the diff and how easy it is to push in.
  2. freeride250r

    how to avoid getting paralyzed lol

    It is extremely unlikely you will get paralyzed. A bone injury is much more likely, and that risk will be minimized if common sense is used and proper protective gear is work. If you're still worried, get a KTM Freeride 250R and have fun with a bike that is light, grippy, fun when slow, and unlikely to injure you.
  3. I watch a lot of Youtue videos on ATV'ing in the wild and have noticed that sometimes someone's axle will pop off on the differential end. Usually the videos don't show what the rider did to fix up the issue in the field. I can't find any threads or videos on what to do when this happens in the field. Axles are not parts of ATVs I have serviced before and I have no idea how they fit. But now and then I do venture out into far off territory with my Grizzly. What's the right thing to do when an axle pops off? Call it quits and have the quad towed out to civilization? Inch along back to civilization with the axle hanging? If an axle popped out on me I'd freak out.
  4. freeride250r

    Canadian Postage

    If you don't mind asking, how expensive is the item that you expect to receive? Usually customs only gives a hoot about things in boxes coming into/going out of Canada if the declared value is more than about $2000 CDN. It's entirely possible the shipper goofed up and forgot to package the proper documents with the box and it's now held up in customs and the shipping carrier, whoever that may be, is trying its hardest to contact the shipper and get them to send the proper documentation. I suspect this may be he case. And it doesn't help that the shipper is in China and when they call a carrier's help line they get routed to a call center in the Philippines to a desk person who's just reading off of a script. I'd call the shipper if you have the tracking number and ask them what's up. If it's held up in customs, you may be able to push it through instead of having to wait on the shipper. Mind you, I have had terrible experience with all shipping carriers. One would think with the Canada Post labour disputes that they're sub par. I have actually found them to be on par with UPS and Fedex. I've called UPS help centers in the US to find that the person does not know the difference between shipments going into Canada vs shipments going into the US. I hope you end up getting what you ordered.
  5. freeride250r

    Case polishing

    Most metal working shop supplies sell aluminum polishing pads, tips, and compounds for rotary tools. I'm tempted to get these and experiment.
  6. freeride250r

    Shop setups?

    Measure your floor area that is all sand, go you to Home Depot and get the biggest wood sheet they have cut to this measurement and use that as your floor. Durable, cheap, will be level more or less. Go you to Costco and get a big box of nitrile gloves and goggles for safety. Ensure ventilation in the workarea when working on bike. Vice, set of sockets, torquers, breaker bars, socket extensions, spark plug gauge, lithium grease, loctite, syringes, brake fluid, an old laptop to load service manuals onto, a couple spray cans of the essentials, all cost me $300.
  7. freeride250r

    Tights or stockings

    Check for air leaks starting from the boot that passes air from the filter to the carb down to the intake with carb cleaner or starting fluid.
  8. I have a Yamaha Grizzly with the Ultramatic CVT. When the bike has been at idle for say 15 seconds and you shift from Neutral to High/Reverse, it does not lurch. However, if you rev it a little, and then let it settle to idle, but then quickly shift from Neutral to High/Reverse, it lurches a little. I have to let it idle for a few more seconds before shifting out of Neutral for it to not lurch. Or if I'm impatient, I hold the brake while shifting (which is generally a good idea). The owners manual only says to be at idle and stopped when shifting, and it seems like behaviour owners ought to know about. I'm not able to explain why this is happening. It's a tiny nuisance on an otherwise fine product. I don't know enough Grizzly owners to be able to ask if their bike also does this. Does anyone know if this is normal? Is this how ATV CVT's behave?
  9. freeride250r

    What bike should I get for trails

    In Canada a used KTM Freeride can be had for around $6k CAD, I imagine KTM Freerides go for $5000 in the US. The Freeride 250R is the ultimate trail bike for slow and technical riding for someone coming to the activity from quads or something else. For "play riding" you cannot beat this bike, it is the closest to a trials (not trail) bike that is ready for rough trail riding. If you are set for just play riding and don't want to expand into racing, this is a fabulous bike for a beginner to pick up techniques used on the trails.
  10. freeride250r

    how to avoid getting paralyzed lol

    Ride trials. As much fun as on the track, totally not insane, requires just as much skill, and satisfying in its own way.
  11. freeride250r

    Does Yamaha make the engines used in the Grizzly 700?

    Thanks all for the insight. agave248's suspicion also seems plausible given Yamaha bought Minarelli.
  12. freeride250r

    What is the Freeride 250R based off of?

    The BrakeTec ones, seems like they only sell a few models of brake kits and they're based off the Nissin units (https://braketech.com/nissin-misc-kits-2/) Are these the ones you bought? They seem street oriented. I'm struggling to find an alternative because I don't know if the industry uses a standard for the bolt spacing on the calipers (where the caliper bolts onto the mount on the swingarm) and the offset of the caliper from the swingarm (for proper slotting in of the rotor), and if the industry uses some standard, I can expect several pairs of 250cc bike brake calipers to fit onto my Freeride 250R.
  13. freeride250r

    Can Dirt Bikes & ATV Co-Exist?

    I'd hope they could coexist. In less populated locales like Saskatchewan there are few ATV and trail riding clubs. Where one club finds trails, the other should be able to ride too. There's hardly any trails for quads and dirt bikes in South Saskatchewan save for the ditches in the countryside. Land here is too precious too leave unclaimed and soil here is too good to use for anything other than agriculture.
  14. freeride250r

    Any good dirtbike part websites in canada

    Fort Nine is the way to go like someone above said. Tripe Clamps, rims, spokes, rebuild kits, that is the best place to get them. If what you need is not here, I'm sure a local Kawasaki dealership can order parts for you. Stuff that cannot be found from these two places of course will have to be ordered from the US, although you should be able to find all you need in Canada.
  15. freeride250r

    Tire studs

    Tried the 2nd shortest GripStuds on the rear tire of my CRF250L and they did marvelously when the road was iced over, was enough for slow speed riding on rural roads. These are hard to come by in Canada and I did not have enough for every knob on the front tire.