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  1. Gio_14

    FMF Racing TurbineCore 2 Spark Arrestor Silencer

    Sounds great, good power
  2. Gio_14

    IMS Large Capacity Gas Tank

    Great for long trips
  3. Gio_14

    Moto Tassinari V-Force 3 Reed Valve System

    Correction vforce 2 reeds really woke the bike up, a lot snappier
  4. Gio_14

    Scotts Performance Triple Clamp

    A lot less vibration good product, sleek design
  5. Gio_14

    ASV Inventions F3 Series Pro Pack

    Very clean easy pull and super durable
  6. Gio_14

    IMS Pro Series Foot Pegs

    Good grip, super tough
    Sounds great, easy to service, good topend power
  7. Gio_14

    Lectron Fuel Systems Lectron Carburetor

    Awesome product, clean design, don’t have to rejet and can seriously notice the powerband change (lot more torture and topend) and runs prime all the time
  8. Gio_14

    FMF Racing Gnarly Pipe

    Can seriously feel the torque down low-mid range without sacrificing the topend. Super strong haven’t fallen much only 2 times really (on the pipe) and hasn’t bent or tweaked, just a couple scratches but thats normal
  9. Gio_14

    Scotts Performance Steering Damper

    Very useful for both tight trails and high-speed stuff, has saved me through some gnarly stuff
  10. Gio_14

    Gas Gas Enducross EC 300 2000

    Building the bike up review yet to come
  11. Gio_14

    Honda CR250R 2002

    Great bike super light smooth power but very aggressive after modifications, great trail/track bike