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  1. Donovan(kx250f)

    05kx250f not starting

    So I been having this problem with my 05 , the bike for one will only bump start and once it starts I have to stay on gas a little bit to keep it running because it won’t idle . Once’s it’s running , the bike will run strong. But one day I was desperate to ride , so I bump started the bike and went riding for about 2 hours and then the bike randomly died and now won’t start at all no matter what I do, but it sounds like it wants to tho. The bike has new top end with about 10 hours on it, brand new valves , valve seats recut , all new jets in carb, timing is right, new spark plug. Ps. Before the bike had all these problems , it would start first kick and idle fine. Then the bike sat for about a week because I had to replace back tire and once I got my tire back on and went to start it that’s when I found all these problems. Can someone please help me figure out what this is
  2. Donovan(kx250f)

    Won’t idle

    Hey guys could this have been the problem ?
  3. Donovan(kx250f)

    Won’t idle

    Ok thank you guys
  4. Donovan(kx250f)

    Won’t idle

    Some my 2005 was perfectly fine and started right up about 3 weeks ago , I needed to replace my back tire so I haven’t touch the bike until I got a new one. But anyway I got a new tire and went to start my bike and it would have a hard time starting, I would have to give it gas just to get it to start and once it’s started , I immediately have to keep giving it gas to keep it on and as soon as I let off the gas it shuts off. Now during those 3 weeks the weather has began to get a lot colder(35F-45F) so I don’t know if this is the problem. I have a fresh top and bottom end, brand new valves ( all the seats were recut ), and all new jets in carb. Does anyone know what this could be ?
  5. Donovan(kx250f)

    Bike running weird with choke pushed in

    Hey guys , I’m still learning a lot about the carb and jetting so please bare with me. But anyways when I go to start my bike , I pull the choke out and kick it over and the bike fired right up and idles fine. But when I push the choke back in the idle seems to slow down and when I give it some throttle sometimes its sounds fine and other times it makes this weird deep sounding noise. It sounds as if something was clogged. To give you guys more info , when I ride the bike and push the choke in , the bike seems to jump or hesitate when trying to accelerate. I’ve cleaned the carb multiple times and replaced all my jets. So can someone please help me out?
  6. Donovan(kx250f)

    Riding in cold weather

    Ok thank you
  7. Donovan(kx250f)

    Riding in cold weather

    Like 20 F being the coldest
  8. Donovan(kx250f)

    Riding in cold weather

    I have 2005 Kx250f and I was just curious what I would need to do to my bike for riding in the cold.
  9. Donovan(kx250f)

    Won’t start , just backfires every hear and there

    Ok thank you , I will check them tonight
  10. So this is my first dirt bike ever , so Im new to everything but I just got a new top end and had a shop install all new valves. When I put the bike back together it would start first kick but I noticed oil would pour out from the head. After inspecting It , i realize my cam cap on the exhaust side wasn’t screwed down all the way and when I would put my head cover back on, it wouldn’t lay all the way down on the head. So I just unscrewed my intake cap off and re-torque it’s down and made sure everything was the way it was suppose to be and after I put my head cover back on , it would lay nice and flush on the head. When I tried to start it though , it wouldn’t start at all , it would just backfire every here and there. I tried bump starting it but it wouldn’t start Nd I noticed the first 2x I tried to bump start it a little bit of smoke came out exhaust. The bike has compression and I re did the timing 3 times and no change. Can someone please help , I just want to ride my bike and practice as I eventually want to start racing once I feel comfortable enough.