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  1. You can find 250fs for that price but if anytging happens you will have to break the bank to fix it, yz125 is a better choice, the kx 125 03 to 05 is also very good, the honda like nobade said has 0 low end and needs to be revved to stay in peak power, on trails that will not be fun.
  2. Mr221

    2019 CRF 250 RX BIG BORE KITS?

    Crf 270 kxf250 athena 300. Both had issues after the big bore, didnt last in race conditions, the kx300f had acquired a wierd noise after 3 hours of use the 270s head was pushed to the limits, every big bore 250f ive seen that doesnt have the head done ie stiffer valve spring cams to match porting because whats the point of going bigger with the casting flaws from the factory that hinder flow. Im not saying it wont be a fun machine with added grunt i loved my big bores but unfortunately the bike is not designed to handle that in stock form, the short stroke the head set up the thing is engineered after 1000s of hours to run a certain way and imo i believe that a big bore hinders reliabilty on the 250f platform.
  3. Mr221

    Who runs a wider rear rim for offroad?

    I bet the beta is fun, one day i was like im going to build a 250 and i went out and found a cheap 2000 yz250 tore everything down bottom end top end oem crank oem piston v force reeds and a carb off a 15 husky 250 man i thought that thing ran good untill my buddy pulled his bone stock 01 cr250 and we did a long pull to a semi long hill climb and mind you i smoke his ass any day of the week plus hees a big boy 250 im roughly 180. My bike was jetted perfectly and running mint and he walked away from me on the 01, i wanted one since, he lets me ride here and there i never want to give it back­čśé
  4. Mr221

    2019 CRF 250 RX BIG BORE KITS?

    And the reliability goes right out the window
  5. Mr221

    Who runs a wider rear rim for offroad?

    Thats a 01 huh, man i want one of those ­čśö
  6. Mr221

    2011 Kx250f. What do you make of this?

    You were def burning coolant, the color of the valves and edge of the piston is clean, thats a big indication
  7. Mr221

    Need help choosing.....

    Yz its more suited for the masses and is a do it all kind of bike, that is pretty tough, it will stand the test of time, i ride my buddys 16 yz450f on trail and track its very versatile, and bullet proof, i cant knock ktm though thier great but the yz450f has the best suspension imo, with 200 hrs on his meter and 1 top end and a few valve adjusts this thing is impressive, cant go wrong with the 350 or 450 ktm but it depends on how your style is
  8. Mr221

    best old man bike ?

    Oops didnt see that looks like a ktm 300 might be the 1
  9. Mr221

    best old man bike ?

    Im a b racer that rides trail, wide open desert single track dual sport literally everything, i use a 03 ktm 525 for dual sport/ open desert its amazing, 15 yz250f for track/ mx racing / single track, 09 yz450f for single track/ desert, 2006 yz250/ for all of the above except dual sport riding ridden a ktm 300 exc 16, ridden every color carb 450 from 03 to 09, a few efi 450s 08 rmz450 09 kx450f 14 crf450r i buy and sell bikes because i want to ride something new and often test bikes out because i am in a riding club here in so cal and people always want to swap bikes to see what thier all about, basically i raced mx for 20 years love the sport but still ride everywhere and i am open to any bore color and terrain, whats your ability? Size ,weight , riding style, are you interested in 2 stoke, 4 stroke, dual sport. Any brand preferences? Theres alot of things you left out that makes this kind of vauge on my end, i can tell you the ktm 300 is fantastic, yz250s are great too, what are you leaning towards?
  10. Mr221

    Will an 01 ttr125 engine bolt in to a 03 ttr125L frame?

    Yes it will
  11. Ktm 525 exc 03 to 07 bulletproof long lasting 6 speed torque monster esey to use lots of parts out there for them simple to work on and cheap, they will stand the test of time, i have a 03 with 250 hrs on it. Valve adjust are simple always change the oil and filters and it wil go and go and go
  12. Mr221

    best old man bike ?

    Yes, a few mods and you will have a bike thats more that trail worthy, a heavy flywheel drastically changes the feel of the power, it hooks up smooths out the power ( especially in tight situation) and makes it more broad instead of snap, the extra inertia will also prevent stalling at low speeds, its cheap and you can do it yourself, i ride my friends 16 yz450f all the time he did these small mods and i absolutely love it, softened up the rebound. Couple clicks out on compression front and rear and its good to go
  13. Mr221

    2019 YZ250F or 2019 CRF250R?

    I think the honda will fit you better, it kills me to say this because i ride a yamaha, but here is what i can add, the yamaha is durable it will outlast the honda, its a motor thats been revised since 14, won the mxa 19 shootout, and mxa races where i do,(glen helen) they are always testing bikes in race conditions, to break it down quick and esey, the yamaha is taylored to the masses, they rarely break the engine is great the suspension cant be beat but turning is not the best but not the worst, honda has a wierd configured motor that has holes in its powerband where it comes on soft and has a rough mid to top transition , basically you will need to rev the dog shit out of it to say in the meat of the power, yamaha is the opposite delivery comes on strong has a great midrange and has just enough top end to let you know whn to shift so do you want rideability? Or the amazing chassis that the honda has with the motor issues that all the test riders hate? Also my buddy works at procircuit and he says the honda is shit and they cant really get much power out of them from stock trim, and praised yamaha, and this guy is a vet pro mechanic used to be ben townleys mechanic, its still a tough choice
  14. Mr221

    2019 Yz250fx or f or other?

    Go for it the yz250fx will be a great bike for you, and will hold up for a long time, i have a 15 yz250f also rode the fx love them mini 450 style power lots of grunt down low making it great in tight tech stuff.