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  1. JDExtreme

    Clutch hub repaired (with pictures)

    Risky, but I like it. 👊🏼 I say risky because I've jerry-rigged some stuff over the years that's still holding up even today and other times, it just didn't. You never know!
  2. JDExtreme

    Bell Sports Moto-3

    After getting back into power-sports, I was looking for a retro style helmet; similar to the 70s / 80s style. I searched around on eBay and found a huge selection of used vintage helmets, but unfortunately the pads were mostly worn out (or filthy) and not something that could be cleaned up or replaced. I ended up going with this new retro / throwback Moto-3 helmet from Bell. I've had a chance to use it several times this season and so far I really like it. The face opening has plenty of room for goggles. It doesn't have any kind of goggle strap retainer or guide along the sides, but I'm sure you could add some grip tape or something suitable to account for that. I used the size chart and fit guide from Bell and it was spot on for me with a large. It fits snug like it should, but isn't uncomfortable. The chin strap is standard loop style and has a button to snap on to for the slack an end the strap.
  3. JDExtreme

    Bell Sports Moto-3

    1 review

    This is a new (re-release) of the vintage Moto-3 from Bell. It comes with the 550 visor out of the box. You remove swap out to a 510 or 520 curved visor if you like. The price listed here is for the standard colors that Bell offers. They have some limited edition colors that go up to $399.95 and now they are offering even more color options from helmade where you can get some really unique color and designs at a premium cost. You can see all the options on the product page linked below. FEATURES 3 Shell and EPS Sizes for a Personalized Fit Bell Moto-3 original styling EPS-lined chinbar Lightweight Fiberglass composite shell Removable/Washable anti-microbial terrycloth liner Removable/Washable micro-suede liner on specific graphics Secure 5 Snap Visor SPECIFICATIONS WEIGHT: 1250 Grams CERTIFICATION: DOTECE Product page: Bell Helmets - Dirt - Moto-3
  4. JDExtreme

    New Kdx hybrid build

    That's a slick lookin' bike! I like the green / black and checkerboard theme. 🏁
  5. JDExtreme

    My new smoker.. was it a good deal

    Run the VIN through Cyclopedia to verify what year you have: https://www.cyclepedia.com/motorcycle-vin-decoder/ I would recommend obtaining an OEM service manual for it (buy a digital PDF version or track down a paper bound copy if you like to have it in hand while working.) Also recommend this Yamaha part number cross-reference software from Zedder.com if you ever need to track down a hard to find part. It's amazing how many parts are interchangeable between model years. Yamaha was pretty good about cranking out the same parts to fit an assortment of their line-up. Do a complete tear down for inspection / cleaning and make list of any parts that are questionable. Start with the most worn out / critical parts first and go from there. So what if it takes $1,000 to $1,500 in parts to freshen it up? It'll be a really cool, rare vintage bike when you're done. Good luck!
  6. JDExtreme

    pw80 won't idle

    So... the plot thickens ☺️ When I got the bike, I found there was absolutely no filter element in the air box. I'm not sure how long it was ran that way. I found some sand / dirt particles in the main bearings and the transmission shaft bearing. I cringed as I heard and felt that "crunch" in there inspecting the bearings in the case. Those are getting replaced so no worries there. I should have said primary and secondary ignition coil windings. That's what the service manual is calling them. The CDI magneto coil is labeled as the "charging coil"; that's the one that checked out ok. I hope to have the engine back together and into the bike by this weekend if the rest of my parts get here on time. If it's still running funky, I'll check the kill switch. Thanks!
  7. JDExtreme

    pw80 won't idle

    Thar' she blows... the magneto side crank seal is shot
  8. JDExtreme

    pw80 won't idle

    Thanks Delawhere! I'm getting closer now. I just tore into the engine today. Even though this probably doesn't have an impact on the potential for an air leak, the shift shaft oil seal is definitely worn; it's leaking the fresh oil I put in. In fact, the circlip and washer for that was completely absent. That would explain why the shift lever has so much in / out play in it. I think that might be why this shift cam plate is so torn up. I've got a new one on order. Note, I had already popped up the lever out of the gap there before taking the photo, but you see how chewed up the edges are. It still seemed to shift just fine in this condition. The CDI magneto coil shows 240Ω which is within the 200 - 300Ω in the manual. I'll double check the primary / secondary coil windings after I get the engine back together. The most difficult task today was removing the bolts from the stator assembly and case screws. I really got lucky and learned quite a bit about JIS fasteners in the process. Not thinking or knowing any better, I was using my standard Phillips bits and even an impact screwdriver. Well, I nearly stripped two screws in the process before rigging up this below to get the last two (almost stripped) screws out safely. That's a 1/4" 6.5mm socket holding the bit, adapted all the way up to a 1/2" drive, short length breaker bar. I found a "cross head" bit in my collection that fit the screw heads almost perfectly. Maybe I had an actual JIS bit in there, I dunno, but it worked! By pressing my weight down while turning the screw, I heard the ever so slight "pop" of the factory torque letting lose. I was nervous... I can't imagine trying to remove a stripped screw where those are located in the case. I've done a ton of work on vehicles before, but this is the first time I've done a complete tear down on a small engine like this. I have say it's fun and I'm slowly building up the tool collection for it. Case / flywheel puller, shop press, etc. The list goes on and I'm sure it'll keep going! 🤑 I have a factory Yamaha PW 80 owner's service manual for specs and the official Yamaha parts catalog diagrams for reference. It's definitely the owner's manual not a shop service manual. I have not been able to track down a shop service repair manual so far. I call it a "shop" manual myself; meaning the one that would be used at a dealership. I have one for a little '86 YF60 I'm rebuilding and it shows complete steps to dismantle and re-assemble the entire ATV. I also subscribed to a service guide for this bike on Cyclopedia. It's good for order of operations on tear down procedure. It did help to show me the proper steps (through photos) to remove the left / right side components to get it down to splitting the case. Tomorrow is splitting the case and tackling the crank bearings and seals (plus a full oil seal kit.) Then honing the cylinder and re-assembly. Hopefully all this effort will solve the issue and I won't be chasing gremlins anymore. I'll post another update of the results.
  9. I'm doing a write-up on a project I'm working on. It's a 1986 Yamaha YF60 "4-Zinger" quad. Maybe some of you all had one as a kid? 😋 I found it on Craigslist for $100 and I couldn't pass it up. It was almost 100% complete; just missing the bottom half of the throttle controls and a CDI box, which I was lucky enough to find on eBay for a decent price. I had to source out a throttle / Off-On-Start assembly from a '86 Tri-Zinger which is basically the same part. It's tough to find parts on-line and there's only a few OEM parts still available for this model. It has a lighting coil on the stator assembly (OEM parts list calls it a "generator"), but I'm not sure why. It doesn't have any lights on it and it's a pull start so no battery at all. It also has a "pulser" coil? I'm guessing similar to a crank position sensor on a car or truck? On the to-do list: Tear down - paint the frame, high temp / flame-proof paint for muffler assembly New tires - with rigorous searching and cross-referencing I found the size required for the little wheels Restore plastics - sand, prep with adhesion promoter, and apply new decal set (there's a place in Vegas with an eBay store that sells replica sets) Re-cover seat (there's a vendor on eBay that makes replacement covers with the Yamaha branding on the sides) Re-build carb Disable the "Auto Lube" oil pump (going to run pre-mix on it) as the oil tank is gone Oil change Check rear drive shaft assembly and grease Check rear brake / hub Go through electrical and install CDI box Install controls / new grips Top-end service - new piston kit That should bring it back to life and into decent shape. I hope that my son can get some fun out of it until he outgrows the machine. Then I'll sell it to someone who will take care of it and keep it running down the road.
  10. JDExtreme

    pw80 won't idle

    I disassembled the carb again yesterday; re-checked all the jets, cleaned them, and blew compressed air through all of them. I also swapped the ignition coil for a new one. That helped a tiny bit, but not much. I had it idling for about 15 seconds with my hand off the throttle and the idle screw all the way in, but then it trailed off and died. It's just odd that turning the air screw, even very slowly, never changes the RPM at all. Same with the idle screw. I think this engine has some internal issues. I took the side cover off (stator side) and noticed it's puking out a bit of oil, so I'm guessing it has a bad crank seal. I'm going to do a top-end service on it along with new crank bearings and seals. I'm hoping the rod bearing (big end) it still within spec. It's it's not, i'll be about $150 for a new OEM crank assembly. I'll get 'er running right eventually!
  11. JDExtreme

    pw80 won't idle

    I'm piggybacking on this post because have the exact same issue as TT Newbie. I have a 2004 PW80 I bought off Craigslist and I just went through all the simple tune-up procedures on it including a rebuilding the factory Mikuni carb with a kit from Shindy. New NGK spark plug, fuel filter, fuel lines, air box and filter. I put in some Boyesen reeds just for fun, and the Autolube pump is blocked off; running pre-mix at 32:1. It fired up on the first kick and it'll stay running if I hold it about 1/8th throttle. The air mix screw is set at default of 1 and 1/2 turns out. I turned the idle screw in and nothing changed. Adjusted air mix screw and the sound of the engine didn't change at all. Running on full / half choke made no difference. I went ahead and rode it a bit, but's just running like a dog; hardly accelerates at all. I did a compression check and it's at 90 psi.
  12. JDExtreme

    Yamaha YF60S 4-Zinger 1986

    Another gem found on Craigslist a few weeks ago (October 2018.) I'm in the process of restoring it for my kids. Some might look at it and say it's trashed, but the engine still has 90 psi on a compression test. I'm tracking down OEM parts on-line and after a thorough re-build, it will be a nice little vintage quad.
  13. JDExtreme

    Yamaha YF60S 4-Zinger (1986)


    Another gem found on Craigslist a few weeks ago (October 2018.) I'm in the process of restoring it for my kids. Some might look at it and say it's trashed, but the engine still has 90 psi on a compression test. I'm tracking down OEM parts on-line and after a thorough re-build, it will be a nice little vintage quad.
  14. JDExtreme

    Suzuki LT-F160 QuadRunner 1997

    I picked up this QuadRunner from someone on Craigslist a few months ago (August 2018) and in the process of restoring it for my kids.
  15. JDExtreme

    Suzuki LT-F160 QuadRunner (1997)


    I picked up this QuadRunner from someone on Craigslist a few months ago (August 2018) and in the process of restoring it for my kids.