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  1. Hey all due to mouse issues and local shops not liking to put them on and reflecting it in the price lol. I am going to start changing myself. I know the Rabaconda is apparently very good but the price is just .... well high lol, especially with others mostly ranging from 50-100 typically. I was hoping to get some vouches for other ones that people like and seem to be sturdy. Thank you
  2. AtlasEnduro

    Most tricked out Beta 250/300rr?

    It is a Kenda Woushugal ii their version of the Shinko 216 fatty. I think they are both excellent tires for enduro.
  3. AtlasEnduro

    Most tricked out Beta 250/300rr?

    These https://www.motosport.com/acerbis-upper-fork-guard the go on the upper fork protect from scratches
  4. I have been trying to decide on purchasing one of these. My only question is on all the model it says the total cargo capacity and the size of the hydration system included. However it does not say what size of hydration system CAN fit. The ranger 4 for example says. 4L cargo capacity 2,5L ShapeShift™ hydration system Included Can I fit a 3 L hydration system in it? Most water bladders are generally universal sizes, I feel it would help to know. This is the one I want but with 3 liters lol.
  5. I actually know someone who bought the same bike as you for their first woods bike. They also HATED it. They ended up buying a Husqvarna TE 300 and they love it.
  6. AtlasEnduro

    Sad day for a bike owner

    WTF I would be so pissed. I am sorry this happened to you. I also hope those responsible are found and justice is served.
  7. It's cool. As someone who does 100s of hours of trail maintenance a year. Has a career in the environmental industry. I 100% understand your vitriol for the few who ruin it for everyone. I even run FIM low environmental impact tires. I'm all about sustainable practices for this sport we love. In fact here are a couple pics of what I've been doing all day lol. 50 feet 2 hours, 2/3 tank of gas through the saw lol. Before and After
  8. Yeah the lever/latch has 2 bolts that screw in to a back plate.
  9. I ride in a private land co-op and areas designated for off road use like crawlers. Which the majority of the rock areas in this video are actually a legal crawling road. I appreciate your concern though.
  10. It would help. They are apparently fully repairable so everything screws and unscrews. No lie though, the boots are like foot heaven with world class protection.
  11. I have no doubt you are a very skilled rider. However I ride in the thick of it, in true north Sierra Nevada, I have also seen a LOT of race tracks for enduro etc. I really don't see anything as narrow as a lot of what I ride. Most races even enduro's you need a way for people to pass. There may be sections of true single track here and there but you aren't going to have 30 miles of none passable terrain like you do in a lot of none race environments. Manzanita will wreck your hands and anything else that hits it. Even a little piece as thick as licorice if it is dead, might as well be iron. You will not ride through or bust it off as you pass through. It will impale you or break you off your bike. There was a gent in my area not too long ago who was killed by it because it pierced an artery, he unfortunately bled out on the trail. I think some areas you can truly ride without full wraps. I do agree with you. I think it depends on how thickly wooded it is, and how fast the trails are I also think it depends on the type of bushes you may have as well, like Manzanita in my case. I think in races though that the trails are wider, better cleared, they have people pre walk and ride them, you know you aren't typically coming around a blind corner and having a tree at chest level ready to cut you down. They are really different animals, one tamed for an event one wild with who knows.
  12. AtlasEnduro

    Most tricked out Beta 250/300rr?

    I have spent a dime or two tricking mine out. Here is a pic of her and here is a quick SS from my initial order tag. Since then I run mouse in the rear, I also put a JD jet kit in, Idle screws in because OEM are plastic..why.... I also have Acerbis upper fork wraps (VERY NICE I recommend) Right now she is getting a top end and her yearly done and new clutch plates.
  13. I bought a pair of SG 12's coming from Sidi Crossfires 2 SRS. About 20 hours into riding with Gaerne SG12's. I have a buckle come off. I realized pretty quickly that it had unscrewed from the back plate due to me not tightening them occasionally. I called Gaerne in California and spoke with a Paige who was unloading boxes because it was a like 830 am Monday and they had just come back from an event . She said she would need to call me back. At this point I am thinking damn I am going to have to call them again later and then feel all impatient like I am bothering them. Well Paige calls me back no joke probably about 20 minutes later. In our conversation she realizes I am not a sponsored rider by them. Apparently I had somehow called the sponsor rider hotline. In my head I am thinking this is where she hangs up. NOPE. She gets my info and writes me via email a super detailed step by step instruction on how to essentially operate on the boot so I can replace that back plate without damaging the working or protection portions of the boot. She also gives me full contact for a company they recommend if I don't feel comfortable with it. Honestly it was amazing customer care. I had a major issue/malfunction with my Sidi's which is why I swapped brands and I couldn't for the freaking life of me get a hold of anyone to give me repair direction. I ended up having to buy like a 2 dollar back-plate. Shipping was like 5 bucks or something no biggie. Get an email crediting me like approx 17 cents because shipping was cheaper because I live in the same state. It just showed someone cared even about 17 cents. Repaired the boot in about 2 minutes and it is as good as new. Remember to tighten screws
  14. AtlasEnduro

    Any suggestions

    Do you run them with bark busters I do and you just drill the outside open and sand it. Takes about 10 minutes to do a quality job.
  15. Would of likely lost the use (or a lot of function) of my right hand on my crash in the very first part of this video, if it wasn't for full wraps.