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    The problem with Motorcycles

    Tools? Toys? Addiction? Yes, your honour I plead guilty on all counts. Missing from the summer of 2018 family photo is a Triumph Tiger. Alas, not all family members will survive the winter. A new cast of tools and toys will fuel my addiction this summer.
  2. 6 Days, 3 Riding Parks, One…..Pretty Good Vacation There’s nothing quite like heading south, in the dead of winter, with a trailer full of dirt bikes. Turning your back on ungodly cold and snow for a few days of brap brap – what more could a dirt-biker wish for? Well, how about a great place to ride? My bro and I just returned from a 6-day blitz through Georgia and South Carolina in search of warmth and a decent ride…or two. We’d spent hours poring over websites and Google maps – not to mention half a dozen weather prognosticators – in search of good weather, good riding and good luck to string it all together. With the laundry still splashing around the washing machine, it’s time to share what we learned…and what we could learn from you for next year. Our choices were ultimately dictated by weather and travel considerations, as well as online reviews. We settled on three locations: Durhamtown Off Road Resort – Union Point, GA Battery Park Off-Road – Nesmith, SC Carolina Adventure World – Winnsboro, SC If you know anything about amusement parks…. we found Disney World, Dollywood and the local county fair. Let me explain. Day one – Durhamtown We were advised before leaving home that, if it rained, to avoid the red clay of Georgia. What we weren’t told was how many days we needed to wait to ride said red clay. Apparently 4 dry days weren’t enough. Durhamtown claims to be “America's Largest Off-Road Resort with 15 Tracks and 150+ miles of trails on 6000 acres.” No argument. For $25 a day you have access to more red clay than you could possible ride – if it’s possible to ride when wet! More importantly – no matter what you desire, MX or trails, on 2 wheels or 4 – they have something to satisfy. The MX tracks were well-groomed and looked great. The ATV trails wide, and after 4 dry days, still really muddy. For trail lovers, the “moose tracks” were awesome. The people were very friendly; the shop, store, restaurant – the facilities – were more than adequate, whether you wanted to stay on-site or day-trip from area hotels. But that Georgia clay. When it's wet, its the consistency of baby poop. When its dry.... hard as cement....and dusty. Somewhere in between those two extremes there must be hero dirt. We never found it. Day two – Battery Park From the red clay of Georgia to the sandy pine forests of South Carolina. And another warm, sunny, dry day. It hadn’t rained here for a few days either, but the results were hugely different. We learned that they’d had 2 weeks of steady rain, but we found only a few spots still flooded in the woods. In fact, they could’ve used just a little moisture to keep the dust down. You only get one shot to make a first impression. And Battery Park’s was not a great one. But first impressions don’t tell the full story. Thankfully. Compared to the two other parks we visited, Battery Park was modest. And the stinking porta-potties in the parking lot, along with several dogs running loose, tempered our first impression. But once on the trails all was forgiven. If you know the Ganaraska Forest, imagine the hills ironed smooth, but that same great hero dirt a day or two after it rains – that was Battery Park. There were fewer MX tracks to chose from, but enough variety to be challenging for all skill levels – the kids track was quite popular on the Saturday we visited. Though there were ATV trails we saw few 4-wheelers. It was predominately 2 wheelers, with many faster riders, both on track and on the trails. Crave single track? They had oodles, well laid out to mix with ATV trails, in case you need a quick break before diving into the next one. The people were friendly, the facilities were modest, the riding was excellent. Day three –Carolina Adventure World After reading the online reviews we approached Carolina Adventure World cautiously. Visitor reaction was decided more mixed than for the other two parks. And yes, it is expensive - $40 vs $25. Would it be 60% better? Up the paved drive, to the ticket booth, onto the welcome centre, to the huge parking areas, it was obvious that a ton of money has been invested. And the riding area access roads are as good, or better, then most unpaved Ontario side roads. All very impressive, and a cut above the past two days, but what about the riding? At the entrance we were informed that the low-lying areas were flooded and to avoid certain trails and zones. Unlike Durhamtown, which had been muddy and flat, Carolina Adventure World was muddy and hilly! It was tough going on the ATV trails (which made up most of the riding area) and we were in the dry zone! We turned off before the flood zone and tried a side trail that reminded me of VMUTS. VMUTS after a week of rain! Every spot that could hold water...did. Dry it would've been tons of fun, and likely dusty. Today? Well today at least there was no dust. Tiring of the ATV trails we headed for the bike-only section. It was in a separate area.... a different forest altogether! And it was the best riding on the entire trip – like SCORRA’s Orr Lake trail – winding through the hill sides and dipping down into the valleys So, was CAW worth $40?? No. The parking lot was filled with 4 wheelers, not 2 - a telling sign. There was little attention paid to the single track. The arrowing was missing in some spots and hard to decipher in others. We rode one section backwards! There were no arrows/signs at the beginning. And, curiously, we never saw another bike on the single track. There were MX tracks, but like the trail sections, 4 wheeling seems to be the focus. The online comments reflected our feelings too. It is over priced. Final Thoughts - 2019 Back to my comment about amusement parks…. Disney World (big, corporate), Dollywood (big, down-home friendly) and the local county fair (fun on a smaller scale). If you love to MX, check Durhamtown for the sheer variety…just check the forecast first. But if it’s trails you desire, sometimes the best surprises come in small packages. Dollar for dollar, the local county fair (Battery Park) beats both Dollywood (Durhamtown) and Disney World (Carolina Adventure World). So, what about next year? Where have you been? What have you liked? Hated? On our radar are Wind Rock, Highland Park, and pending the weather, a return to Hatfield-McCoy.
  3. Sorry, just saw this. Yep, the snow came early. But the real deal breaker were the super cold over-night temps - into the teens several nights in a row. The ground froze. The snow stayed. We were shut down after November 8th. OCMC canceled their enduro on the 24th. We went out anyway to look around. There were a couple to three inches of snow, but if you kicked it away the ground underneath was frozen hard. I know a few folks rode but without studs it was too slippery for me. There's only one thing to do.... Load the trailer. Pack the truck. Check the map. Head south.
  4. We were in the Ganaraska on Thursday. Hero dirt with a side helping of puddles. Great day to be on the trails. Keeping an eye on the skies, hoping for another decent day (or three). Last year rode on Nov. 29th in the east forest. Needed the sheltered parking area as the wind was a little brisk.