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  1. gwoods27

    DR350se carb question

    Added 2 more washers increasing the needle height to 2mm from stock. No longer need the tape over the air intake snorkel. Throttle response is great. Thanks so much for the help!
  2. gwoods27

    DR350se carb question

    Found some m3 washers at Home Depot which are the perfect size and where 2 are exactly 1mm thick. Installed 2 of them between the clip and the white spacer. Didn’t notice much difference...will try another couple tomorrow.
  3. gwoods27

    DR350se carb question

    Verified the jets .7mm in the center hole and 1mm in the hole to the right. Heres a pic of the needle setup The spring sits on the top white spacer. Next thing is to order the jet kit...got any recommendations?
  4. gwoods27

    DR350se carb question

    Ok...took the carb off to add the thumb adjustable fuel air mixture screw. Here’s a pic of the air jets: Looks like I have the larger jet in the center hole and the smaller one to the right. Also took a look at the fuel jets I put in from the rebuild kit: 37.5 idle and 127.5 main
  5. gwoods27

    DR350se carb question

    Checking for air leaks around the carb...is that where you spray starting fluid around the rubber intake on the cylinder, etc to see if the rpms go up?
  6. gwoods27

    DR350se carb question

    The air filter is back on and side door screwed back on and rubber snorkel back in place. The diaphragm on the carb was in good shape. Not sure what the main and idle jet sizes are, I’m guessing stock. I’ll have to take it off to check. So the last thing I did was put three pieces of electrical tape across the top of the rubber snorkel on the top of the air box and the throttle response is perfect. Thoughts? I’m going to install that thumb adjustable fuel mixture screw. When I do that I’ll check the idle and main jet sizes. Would the type of air cleaner be affecting the air flow (too much)?
  7. gwoods27

    DR350se carb question

    The white spacer is in there. I cleaned all the passage ways with gumout and compressed air. Also got a rebuild kit that replaced all the jets including the 2 on the intake of the carb.
  8. gwoods27

    DR350se carb question

    It’s 2 full turns out. The needle I have has only 1 notch and a white spacer that goes underneath. Ive gotten a thumb screw adjustable fuel mixture screw I’ll be installing so I can make adjustments while the carb is on the motor.
  9. gwoods27

    DR350se carb question

    Ok..I have a 96 dr350s. Everything appears to be stock. Except the petcock that was changed to a manual non vacuum type.(on off reserve) I purchased a carb rebuild kit and completely disassembled the carb cleaned all passages with gumout and compressed air. Replacing the air mixture screw I noted the prev owner had it set to 4 turns out. When i put it back together I set it to 2 turns out since the spark plug looked pretty black from running too rich. The bike starts right up with the choke on...and as it warms up idle will go up to 4K rpm..turning the choke off the rpm goes down to under 2k. And if given any throttle the engine sputters and stops. The air box is open and the filter off. If I cover the air intake in the air box with my hand. The throttle sputter goes away and the throttle response is perfect. When doing this I can feel the air being sucked in past my hand. The air filter I have is the foam( UNI ) type theair box has the side door and rubber snorkel on top. So I put the air filter back in the box, screwed the door on and put the snorkel in. Back to the sputtering issue. If I put my hand over the snorkel...the throttle response is great...no sputtering. Any ideas would be most appreciated. Thanks
  10. gwoods27

    Thumb adjustable fuel air screw

    Just bought a 96 Suzuki dr350se last month and rebuilt the carb. Looking for a thumb adjustable fuel air mixture screw since it’s impossible to adjust without taking the carb off. Any suggestions?
  11. gwoods27

    Suzuki DR350 1996

    Just bought a month ago.
  12. gwoods27

    Suzuki DR350 (1996)


    Just bought a month ago.