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  1. 661Bran28den661

    Bogging out in 2nd 01 XR400R

    Thank you! No I bought it local. There was something in the carb but it’s been rebuilt with new everything / gasgets jets. It was running great. I’m getting ready to sell it an don’t want an mechanical issues. I do enjoy this bike but it’s lacking major top end.
  2. 661Bran28den661

    Bogging out in 2nd 01 XR400R

    What’s up guys. Totally new here picked up an XR400R I live in the desert so I’m riding often and enjoy it. But I am having some issues with my 01 XR400R. I brought it out this morning for a putt and it seems to be choking up in the top of second. Like a bog an go bog an go. First seemed fine and third I didn’t make it high enough into the rpms to see. Before I brought it back to the garage. Yesterday I also changed the air filter back to an uni. I had seen the other one had a hole in it and the box was dirty gunned up and oily. I removed the airbox gave it a good clean out wiped everything down very well put a piece of screen over the snorkel Or where it used to be I should say. “Lightly oiled the filter.Also the spark arrester an tip for the bike it did not come with I ended up making one with a piece of flat steel and drilling holes. Whilst doing this. I found also a crack in the pipe. It almost sounds as like there’s a vacuuming or whistle? When revving.The first one I had made worked fine I had no issues. This one I am wondering maybe if it’s a cause of a little too much back pressure.So I’m assuming it’s either a Carb or exhaust problem. Or something that could totally be minuscule. Or major issue. Would definitely like some second opinions and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys! TWISTIN THROTTLES & CRACKN BOTTLES