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  1. Rally and 250L have same engine and pretty much everything. Thanks for the idea. yes , i made sure i did that part. as i mentioned i opened it twice now. once when i did replacement and second time when checking what could be wrong. meanwhile i relocated cable and it helped for sure but the slipping is still there a bit. all the adjustments are fully done and i still have fight with clutch cable to catch to the thing you sent a picture.
  2. Guys, i bringing this topic back to life. i did exchange clutch for ebc 1313 plates and springs. all went ok . removed judder rings. when i first started the clutch was engaged all the time. i can put in first gear without pull clutch lever. i adjusted with both major and minor adjusters which make the trick. i adjusted both adjusters to max. cannot go more. have almost zero freeplay. during test ride the clutch slips. engine goes to high rpm but accelerate slowly. i opened it again . nothing wrong everything was put together ok. i don't know what more i can do or adjust. definately dont need much. maybe re-position cable? thinking to get longer cable? can someone get me some idea which will work on 250 rally? thanks.
  3. Yes they are rubber mounted. but not flexible, cannot bend them if that's what you expect. i had these SRmoto /pics bellow/ and i like new ones way way more. more visible as well. but those SR were way more flexible .
  4. Yes. You need to change relay because you are switching from regular bulb to led. And if you wanna run fronts as daylight lights/ still on/ you need also adapter for them. https://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/5504
  5. the signals arrived. quality is very good. looks like OEM. i have rally though . here are some pics. front mounting points are stocks and new signals look perfect there . i have rear DRC edge 2 . i had to increase hole to accommodate bigger mounting point but also they looks great. here are some pics.
  6. Don't know yet. They are on the way
  7. I have these on the way. Look like Oem. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32907792457.html
  8. Pete don't know if dyno chart exist. Only what people refer after switch. Here are some post : https://advrider.com/f/threads/honda-crf250-rally-owners.1212233/page-297#post-35183321 https://advrider.com/f/threads/honda-crf250-rally-owners.1212233/page-300#post-35208410 https://advrider.com/f/threads/honda-crf250-rally-owners.1212233/page-300#post-35213722 https://advrider.com/f/threads/honda-crf250-rally-owners.1212233/page-341#post-35707301 https://advrider.com/f/threads/honda-crf250-rally-owners.1212233/page-303#post-35235057
  9. Thanks for interest. No pallet, just 14. But only few are left. Already sold most. These are coming directly from manufacturer in Thailand. Honda Japan stopped the sell out of japan so this is unofficial way. Very easy to instal. Just exchange original ECU for this one. It is located under passanger side of the seat, close to tail light. It works out of the box but tacho doesn't work. Only mod needed to be done is tacho get working which can be done by change pin no 23 for pin 7 /unused on rally and 17 L models/ on the connector for ECU . After pins change tacho works. Other than that no other works needed. The best is to hear from real users so If you need more info go over 250 rally advrider forum thread and search for Japanese ECU. There are many many people already confirmed its works great and power increase is noticeable. Don't be mistaken. It doesn't increase top speed. It significant increases power in lower end which is problem on rally as well as L Model. It's 195 usd included shipping. Here are few more pics
  10. Some of you might already heard about this easy mod for 2017 L model and any 250 rally. If you're hearing this for first time, the ECU works by changing fuel timing and mapping engine. It comes from Japanese 250 model which doesn't sell elsewhere. After multiple people tests it works way better than ejk controller. There is big thread over advrider.com forum if you need more info. There was option to get it last year from Japan but honda found out about it and stopped sell of these outside of Japan. I've been able to get hands of some of these units. I already sold most of them over advrider forum but have very few left. In case you're interested let me know.
  11. Thanks for reply. Im wondering what is it the other plug for then? Yes I made sure it's correct way. ?
  12. Hi all. I have changed oil on my rally. And accidently drained oil from this bolt/see picture /. Did I screw it up big time? Please come easy on me. I'm still learning.... Thanks.
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