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  1. Is the fuel pressure at least 48psi? If yes, does the fuel pressure stay up when you stop cranking the engine? If not, you have a fuel pump or pressure regulator issue.
  2. dyno_dave

    Riding after knee replacement

    The place I went to for PT also has a gym and they provided a free month after PT. I decided to keep going and work with a trainer once a week. I've been going for over a year now. Even though I'm now 66 years old I can stand on the pegs all day and am probably faster then before my knee replacement. I'm definitely stronger. I've also lost 6 inches in my waist.
  3. dyno_dave

    Longer Cables & Hydraulic Hoses

  4. dyno_dave

    Longer Cables & Hydraulic Hoses

    I had Galfer make custom lines for a customer's KTM. I believe it was only $10 more than their standard lines. Give them a call 805-988-2900.
  5. dyno_dave

    Exhaust Header options

    I actually have this one on my 2014 350 XCFW. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273555919124
  6. dyno_dave

    Exhaust Header options

  7. dyno_dave

    Exhaust Header options

  8. I've used the Racetech calculator for years for a variety of different riders without issue. In general, the springs hold up the weight and the valving controls the motion of the springs. If things aren't firm enough the valving can be changed to slow down or speed up the suspension movement.
  9. dyno_dave

    2003 jr50 wont run

    Looks like it's time to go back to the fuel system. You will need to spray cleaner through all of the carb passages and follow that up with air pressure. It certainly appears to be an issue with the main jet at that throttle opening. Also blow through any of the air bleeds. It may also be fuel delivery from the tank, fuel shutoff valve and needle/seat of the carb. If any of those are restricted the carb fuel bowl may not be getting filled quickly enough.
  10. dyno_dave

    2003 jr50 wont run

    Your description pretty much means it's the fuel system. Remove the carb and disassemble and clean. Make sure fuel flows through the petcock and into the carb. Take a close look at all the jets and make sure you can see through them.
  11. dyno_dave

    Riding after knee replacement

    Recovery takes time. It wasn't until my 7th week of therapy that I could do a complete rotation of the bicycle pedals. I had issues with swelling and had to have my nee knee drained once. It's been two years now without an issue. Just hang in there and do your PT.
  12. dyno_dave

    2006 KTM SXF 250 rear suspension adjustment

    It won't make the suspension softer by backing off the spring. You need to get the correct spring for your weight.
  13. I've been on a septic system for 20 years without an issue.That's why the product is biodegradable.
  14. dyno_dave

    Engine Rebuild Procedure

    https://kristofsx.com/ This site has the manual you need. I had the same exact bike as you and can highly recommend you install a Wossner piston kit. It cured the oil consumption my engine had. You may want to consider making the engine a common oil sump where the engine and transmission share the same oil.
  15. dyno_dave

    XCRW Dual Sport Wiring

    The Sicass kit is plug and play. It has the correct connectors and plugs right in to the existing connections. Give Mike at Sicass a call, 248-625-0187.