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  1. Nicturner

    2009 KTM 450 Exc oil issue

    I didn’t measure the oil coming out of the trans side but it was a good amount. If it is the seal would that be a full engine tear down?
  2. So I just did a long multi day ride in sand and ran it pretty hard and got home and went to change out my oil and low and behold I opened the oil drain and a trickle came out. Defiantly not the 0.65 liter I put in. So im thinking maybe pistion and rings? I am going to get a leak tester. Firstly, test it in TDC with the TDC screw in? If it is greater than 10% I’ll do piston and rings. Secondly, Should I be worried about the oil pump gears with low oil volume? Im hoping I haven’t ruined my bike. Thanks for reading
  3. Nicturner

    Carb issues

    Yeah I normally use Ty. I was just trying to figure it out myself! It recently had a full rebuild. But I think your right I’ll give him a call and see get it fixed right. Thanks Chuck
  4. Nicturner

    Carb issues

    Hi fellow thumpers, firstly if there is other threads on this topic I apologize. i have a 2009 KTM 450 exc. I live at 5500 feet. I have a keihin carb. I currently have it set up with green needle (jd kit) @ 4th from the top main #175 pilot #42 in setting it up for some desert riding I plan on doing next month (LAB2V). Right now I’m getting a bog if I rack the throttle a few times. I’m reading this is semi normal as the accelerator pump has a hard time refilling. i have put a new diaphragm, spring, lean jet is at #40 and air fuel acre 1 and 1/8 out. im planning on going back to 172 main, red needle 5th from the top and #45 pilot. i normally ride the trails around lake arrowhead and Big bear in California. The trails are single track from 5000-10000 feet. Anyone see any issues with either set up? how about the big if I get on it a few time ( not really noticeable when riding) sorry for the questions. This is my first carb I’ve ever worked on. Thanks in advance
  5. Nicturner

    Looking for a be for a new to me bike

    Well the guys seems pretty honest and I asked him what type of riding is he mainly doing with the bike and he said “off-road”. He is looking for 5k for the bike https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2013-ktm-500-exc/6707829356.html This the bike
  6. Nicturner

    Looking for a be for a new to me bike

    Well I live at 5500 feet elevation and do take it down to the desert to ride. I ride from my house to the desert. But I see your point with EFI
  7. So I’m currently I’m currently riding a 2009 450 EXC and I love the bike but I am wanting to get into a EFI bike and ditch the carb. I’m looking at a 2013 500 EXC with 12k miles. Great price and pretty tricked out with all the things I would have done to the bike. My question is this I’m pretty worried about the mileage being high and the possibility of having to do an engine rebuild. The gentleman who is selling it said he did oil changes at 500 mile increments whats all your take on it? thanks in advance!