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  1. photonicreno

    2008 Head

    Will a 2004 head fit a 2008? The schematics didn't change, only the part number. Changed from A00 to A10.
  2. photonicreno

    Is this ok to do

    I don't know how much help this will be, but depending on your climate it should be fine. The only thing you really have to adhere to is to make sure it is a motorcycle specific motor oil. OR make sure it has no additives that can negatively affect wet clutch opperation, such as Shell Rotella-T 15w-40. In pretty much any bike the best thing is to read the service manual and figure out what they recommend. But for reference, most 250 4-strokes can run 10w-50, 15w-50, 15w-40, or 10w-40. Fully synthetic lasts longer if you don't like doing as many oil changes.
  3. photonicreno

    Looped my NEW bike!

    Maybe I mis-spoke? I am trying to learn to get over obstacles, pretty sure I said "small wheelie to emulate hopping a log or rock." Never said anything about rippin' dank 3rd gear wheelies while vaping on my stunted out R6 infront of a kindergarten class during recess. For someone as uncoordinated as myself, it takes a few hours a day to have a snowballs chance in hell at doing it for real on the trails.
  4. photonicreno

    Looped my NEW bike!

    I'd start by standing up and coming to a stop, after doing that for a while until I was able to balance for atleast 1-1/2 to 2 seconds then I would do the same exercise and do a small wheelie at the end to emulate hopping a log, rock, turtle, or a downed rider who doesn't practice going over obstacles. I'd gotten pretty confident after about 2 hours of it and decided to do 10 more minutes. I only wrecked going about 3mph
  5. photonicreno

    Looped my NEW bike!

    It's the best. There's a lot of people who don't like the technology or are afraid of it because it costs a lot to repair, but realistically it's coming fast. As for performance, they have plenty of power, just not down low because they are tuned lean from the factory because of emissions. Also, the bike damn near never stalls. I can wheelie in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear easily. I haven't tried pushing it past that. Fuel economy is absolutely amazing, I got almost 4 hours on a single tank of gas, and the oil tank is supposed to last 6 tanks. I believe the oil system gives more under power and less when idling, so it idles at 90:1 or some crazy ratio like that. One other cool thing is I don't have to worry as much about engine braking because the oil pump works off throttle position AND rpm's. I think my favorite part is that it never feels completely out of control when going slowly, this is most definitely the easiest bike I've ever ridden doing technical stuff. Then again my opinion may be biased because I've never owned a strictly "enduro" model before.
  6. photonicreno

    Best Pants for Knee Guards

    The only pants I've ever worn are my dad's old pair of motocross pants. They're over 22 years old, only minor tears. And there's no tag anywhere on them... 80's color scheme of yellow-purple-blue-black. They say XTREME and "Kevlar weave" all over them. I'm atgatt so I wear knee pads all the time and still no wearing on them.
  7. I've never had an easy tire change either. I decided to cheat, look up the zip-tie method. I found some video of a small child doing it with this method and have ever since not had a single issue. IF YOU AINT CHEATIN YOU AINT TRYIN
  8. photonicreno

    Looped my NEW bike!

    I've never been able to break anything carbon fiber, only major scratches and sometimes bent out of shape. This new age stuff is amazing I had one of them carbon pipe guards on an older KX250 and let it slide on it for about 30 ft of really jagged rocks. The fibers were sticking out all over the place like my hair in the morning.
  9. photonicreno

    Looped my NEW bike!

    Long story short, 12 hrs on a 2019 te250i. Practicing wheelies for 3 hours straight. Got tired missed the rear brake, you can guess. Flat on my ass and a broken rear fender. New one on order🤑 Don't practice wheelies when tired lmao. Anybody ever damage a brand new bike before?
  10. photonicreno

    Take a look at this!

    I did some research and on the 2007-2017 KX450F the stock piston size is 95.95, so you need to re-measure the piston at the top and bottom of the skirt, and at the very top of the piston in atleast 2 different directions. That will give you an accurate measurement. But if you did measure properly and 95.6 is your measurement, it sounds to me like that is the stock piston that has been worn out. I would make sure you also at the very least use a caliper, a micrometer is more ideal for this kind of measurement. As for the Athena piston, it does not matter too much who manufactures the piston itself. Wiseco, Vertex, and Athena are all just suppliers of the same product. Some will offer more performance, some offer longevity. That is a personal choice, what matters is that you get a correctly sized piston. Could you find out the cylinders part number and post it?
  11. photonicreno

    TE300i and TE250i What Have you done to yours today

    What kind of prices are you guys getting otd on these bikes? With a 2014 KTM trade in, 5750
  12. photonicreno

    Take a look at this!

    If the rings weren't under sized then the piston would be centered even with a certain amount of ring gap. He mentioned that the cylinder is an athena one which is a company known for aftermarket big bore cylinders. And while they are larger on the top, the clearances should not be able to be measured by eye. As you can visibly see the gap, the piston is quite clearly the incorrect size.
  13. photonicreno

    Take a look at this!

    That cylinder looks like it is in PRISTINE condition. The last jug I saw that looked that good was off a 2014 vulcan... That said I would measure it and see if you can find a correctly sized piston to match. Looks like the piston/rings are undersized to me. Generally speaking most piston manufacturers will make pistons in just about any size, they are not bike specific. Do some research and find the correct one for the cylinder size and you'll be good to go.
  14. photonicreno

    Different Husky manufacturer's preference

    Damn that older beast looks like a modern scrambler! I would love to run one of the older bikes but unfortunately the oldest bike I've ever ran was a 94 XR650. The all white MX apparel with the bike on a milk crate is so 80's. I have a buddy who ran the GP500 series with the old CR500's and that's all he'll ever talk about.
  15. As I understand it, Husqvarna used to be a Swedish company that was bought out by an Italian company, which was bought out by BMW Motorrad in 2007, which was then bought out by KTM in 2013. I have a 2010 TXC250, which by this timeline would mean it was made by the Germans, and I absolutely love it. On the other end my dad just bought a 2019 TE300i which means it was made by KTM. I've ridden plenty of 2-strokes just not KTM models (98 KX250, 96 YZ125, 01 YZ125, 03 GasGas EC200, 2011 GasGas EC300, 2012 WR250) and I want to say that while the new model does feel nicer, I still prefer the ones made by the Germans. I don't know what it is about them but I've never really liked anything that much by KTM. The BMW models just felt like they had more bike to them, even though my 2010 rattles and pings and has a bunch of weird sounds coming from the engine. It has sounded like that since I got it at 200 hours and still sounds the same at 240, with no issues at all, it is in fact my favorite dirt bike I've ever bought. What era Husky's did you own, which do you prefer and why?