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  1. RLamb

    XR200 Fuel Tank Swap

    Thx for all the input. I'm really not concerned about weight so much as looks. My '96 white tank is stained to the point I haven't found anything to get it back to white again. I found a red '85 tank in good cond and since I'll be putting the bike up for sale this spring, thought it might look a lot better.
  2. RLamb

    XR200 Fuel Tank Swap

    I read on another post here that the plastics on an '84-'85 XR250 will interchange with the XR200. I believe the conversation was about the fenders and side panels. Does anyone know if this applies to the fuel tank. I have a '96 XR200 and found an '85 tank. Thx in advance.
  3. RLamb

    1985 XR200R question

    Thx, Chuck. I'll post the question on the 250 forum
  4. RLamb

    1985 XR200R question

    After a ton of research, looks like the cylinder & head from an '84-85 XR250 would be a direct bolt on replacement. Understanding I'll need the carb, boot & manifold, but I can't find any info on the exhaust. Anyone done this conversion? If so, worth it? rick
  5. RLamb

    1985 XR200R question

    Sounds good. How much of a pain is it to keep the carbs synced?
  6. RLamb

    1985 XR200R question

    Thx all for the input. Looks like I'm better off finding an '86+ instead of trying to deal with this '85.
  7. RLamb

    1985 XR200R question

    Thx, Chuck. So better to go with a 250 cylinder & head than an 86+ 200? If so, reliability?
  8. RLamb

    1985 XR200R question

    Hey guys, new to TT. Had an '85 XR200 fall in my lap the other day, but has a nasty top end rattle. I would really like to do away with the dual carb setup and go to a single carb. Question is: Will a cylinder & head off an '86+ bolt directly to the '85 cases? Any input is appreciated