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  1. Just a little video i made myself hope you new riders enjoy itpart 1 part 2
  2. motorjunkiematty

    Vintage Trials Video Crazy Rocks

    vintage trials footage that i got to film. Best riders in the great state compete on very rocky terrain and even ride through creeks. saw a guy slip on a wet rock but didnt put it on video. Trials riders are crazy!
  3. hello all new member here but long time reader just put up a 2 stroke rebuild video so go check that out but here is vintage trials and harescramble i got to film Vintage trials Vintage Harescrambles please enjoy!
  4. Hello all new member here but long time reader for advice sorry in advance. but anywho over the summer i ran into a motorcyclist worst nightmare.... Engine Seizure. it ruined my whole summer and riding season. The crankshaft and bearings seized and the piston/cylinder scoring. So lucky for us i got it all on video. Hope you learn something and share the video to friends,brothers, sisters anyone who may make use of this video it is filled with information. Keep Riding!!! Part 1 part 2