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  1. Tol24

    6D Helmets: An Interview with the Co-Founder, Bob Weber

    I wonder if they'll have a street version ^.^
  2. Tol24

    Supermoto Riders of North Jersey!!!!

    You're about 2.5 hours away from me... may be a little far to meetup imo as I don't have any way of towing my tractor out your way. Not sure what your situation is on that.
  3. Tol24

    Supermoto Riders of North Jersey!!!!

    Yeah bud she's still alive and kicking. I'll send you a PM so we can meet up.
  4. Tol24

    Supermoto Riders of North Jersey!!!!

    In Passaic county with a DRZ, all backroads and some off-roading... if it's above 35 degrees hit me up and let's ride!
  5. Tol24

    Smoke after idling

    I was concerned that the speedo was changed which would be hoping for the worst for someone to do that but at this point finding a fix is the most Important thing considering the issue doesn’t seem to be fixed after replacing those parts.
  6. Tol24

    Smoke after idling

    Did a few oil changes in the past thousand miles which all of them checked out good for measurement and no contaminates in the oil that shouldn’t be there. Oil breather system is stock. The black breather box shows signs that it’s leaking as there is oil around the edges of the seals and the lines connecting to it but it’s not enough to be dripping on the motor. Bike is a 14 with two previous owners and I bought it with 4,800 miles, all work listed in my previous posts on this thread were done at 5,400 miles and I am now at 6,400. We are assuming the wear on the cylinder was from someone beating on the bike before operating temperatures since it was such minimal scoring on the cylinder wall. Since we had it apart that is why we figured just change out rings, valve guide seals, head gasket to hopefully fix the issue of the puffs of blue smoke.
  7. Tol24

    Smoke after idling

    Head was gone through when apart and everything looked good, valve guide seals were replaced in the process. And I shouldn’t have said the cylinder was honed. The scoring was so minimal a fine piece of sand paper was used ( can’t remember which grit) but it was not measured afterwords. As for startup there is no smoke and no smoke during downhill decel which is not the easiest to keep an eye on for obvious reasons.
  8. Tol24

    Smoke after idling

    Understood, therefor the barrel would have to be replaced then because the cylinder is what showed signs of minimal wear which was sandpapered to be smoothened down (maybe the wrong move since you said it can’t be honed based on the Nikasil coating). Skirt was good and as stated the rings were already replaced. As as for oil consumption yes I agree that seems to be within spec but it can’t be normal to have it puff those clouds (link for video posted on previous post). Will keep checking coolant as miles are added, although the riding season is coming to an end so hopefully there will be time to continue this investigation!
  9. Tol24

    Smoke after idling

    Thank you for the quick reply! Maybe it has something to do with the barrel then, cylinder had very minimal scoring which was honed out. Issue went away right after the listed parts were replaced but is now back to exactly how it was acting about 1000 miles after the work was done. I don’t know if this video helps. Oil has dropped about .1 quart over 800 miles and will puff blue smoke after a couple quick revs but only if it’s been sitting at idle for longer then a minute or two. Also I have been told on two separate occasions that the bike made a little puff of white smoke when pulling out of parking lots. Did a coolant flush 200 miles ago and coolant has dropped very minimal but has moved. It was level with the tape the day coolant system was refilled and heat cycled. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QJSaOYeBYnIt1R0xfmhAkYsF6V-GwNP4
  10. Tol24

    Smoke after idling

    Was this issue solved? I have a 14 drz400sm and it has a similar issue. Valve seals, head gasket, and rings were replaced and issue is still occurring.